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16 Best Razors For Men

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Men are spoiled for choice with regards to what to do with their facial hair. At least, those that can grow facial hair in the first place (sorry to anyone unable to sprout anything convincing). Some men choose to let their beard grow out and simply give it a bit of routine maintenance, while others will invest solely in a beard trimmer to keep their beard at a regular length, and then there’s those men who will get rid of any facial hairs as soon as they appear using a safety razor or a disposable razor.

The ubiquitous safety razor hasn’t always been commonplace in the bathrooms of men worldwide, as straight razors were, for a long time, the shaving tool of choice. It wasn’t until King Camp Gillette came along in the late 1870s with an evolution of the readily available safety razor design, using a stamped blade made from carbon steel.

While the initial purchase of a blade and handle incurred a loss for Gillette, they made their money back with the replacement blades they sold, and that ultimately led to Gillette being consigned to history books forever, and to it becoming one of the most recognised names in shaving today.

What to look for in a men’s razor

There are various versions of razors available today, with safety and cartridge being the two most popular – for guys who want a seriously close shave, straight razors are available – and within these categories, you can find options from the incredibly affordable to the slightly more questionable expensive.

However, more expensive razors will likely be made from high-end materials such as ivory, ebony, and porcelain (usually of the fake variety). It’s certainly true that a slick shaving set looks superb perched next to the bathroom sink, as opposed to a basic plastic cartridge razor being thrown into the cupboard.

To make the best use of a razor, you will need to invest in good shaving cream or gel to provide ample lubrication and to prevent cutting your delicate face. You don’t want to walk around with unsightly scabs all day! While you can simply buy a basic shaving cream that you rub onto your face, more expensive versions will be made from ingredients that are kinder to the skin, and can be applied using a shaving brush to help prepare the hairs for shaving.

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We’ve scoured the web for the very best razors for men available to buy right now, catering to all budgets. Rest assured, they will all rid your face of unwanted hairs, revealing the rugged jawline beneath.