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15 Best Running Pants Men 2022

Keep up your pace in cold weather with the best men's running pants.

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Truthfully, the more stylish and functional our activewear is, the more inspired we are to work out. Owning workout apparel that makes you feel confident from the get-go is extremely important for you to stay motivated. Going for early morning jogs or getting in a quick post-work run is already hard enough, so ensure you have the most advanced workout apparel out there to get you motivated.

Even if you’re a beginner, having the ultimate running kit is make-or-break. Men’s running pants are an absolute game-changer for your workouts and ultimately, you want something that feels like a second skin without restricting circulation. You want something that will fit seamlessly while still compressing your muscles, to reduce the amount of fluid built up in the body, as it can leave you inflamed and sore. Additionally, look out for joggers made with moisture-wicking and stretch fabrics, as they help you perform at your peak even during some of the more gruelling runs.

Sifting through all the different men’s running pants, joggers, tights, and shorts out there can seem overwhelming so before you pick, do a little research before making an informed choice… Or keep reading, as we’ve done the hard bit for you!

Men’s running pants FAQs

Do you run slower in sweatpants?

Scientifically yes, sweatpants will make you run slower due to their heavy design. Sweatpants aren’t aerodynamic and will restrict movement as well, not to mention you will overheat when running. It’s better to opt for men's running pants that have been specifically designed for running as they'll feature moisture-wicking, ventilation, and lightweight properties.

Is it better to run in shorts or pants?

It depends on the weather. Pants are ideal for colder weather as they provide more coverage and help you to stay warm. However, running shorts allow air to freely circulate around your legs, keeping you cool and comfortable in the summer.

How should men's running pants fit?

The best men's running pants feel like a second skin. Make sure your running pants or joggers aren’t too loose, as you won’t gain any benefits from muscle compression. However, running pants shouldn’t be so tight it's difficult to move in. Men's running pants that are a snug fit are ideal.

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