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Keep The Rain Away With The Best Umbrellas To Suit All Budgets & Tastes

  • LAST UPDATEDSaturday 1st February, 2020

How many crappy, cheap umbrellas have you lost in your life? Or abandoned on a street corner, inside out and mangled? Gents, the cycle must stop. Stylish men throughout the ages have carried umbrellas as both accessories and functional tools. You should invest in a well-made men’s umbrella like you would invest in a wallet – look for quality, style, construction that’s built to last and versatility.

You want something that will suit your style and leave an impression (on all the ladies you kindly offer to shield from the elements). Take a gander at our gallery of some of the best men’s umbrellas money can buy for rainy day inspiration.

Ordered from least to most expensive
ShedRain Large Gold Umbrella $44
Knirps Slim Travel Umbrella $60
Rain & Son Orange Umbrella $70
London Undercover Camo Classic Umbrella $95
X+Q Angel Handle Umbrella $110
London Undercover City Gent Navy Umbrella $115
Blunt Classic Umbrella $120
Paul Smith Black ‘Artist Stripe’ Canopy Walker Umbrella With Wooden Handle $250
Barneys New York Striped Stick Umbrella $400
Francesco Maglia Grey Hickory & Bovine Horn Umbrella $500
Alexander McQueen Skull Umbrella $600
Burberry Umbrella Holster $740

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