Forget Honeymoons, ‘Bestiemoons’ Are The Next Big Thing In Travel For Blokes

Bestiemoons are the travel trend more men should get around.

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The latest trend sweeping TikTok encourages travellers to swap out their traditional and expensive honeymoons for a platonic getaway with their nearest and dearest friends. In a world of post-pandemic reunions and declining marriage rates this makes a lot of sense… But why is the craze so much more popular amongst women than men? Here’s why we think the ‘bestiemoon’ is the natural next step for your blossoming bromance.

Your dream honeymoon might look a little something like this: tucked away on a remote island, surrounded by blue seas, bluer skies, and glistening white sands. You and the love of your life have just tied the knot and now are sauntering around in minimal clothing enjoying all the privileges of the privacy that your hotel affords. Your evenings are spent over candlelit dinners, your days in oh-so-relaxing spa treatments that serve both as well-earned rest after all the upheaval of wedding preparations and as a subtle means of heightening the already palpable intimacy between you…

Sound familiar? Probably. The image of this kind of getaway is reserved almost exclusively for newlyweds (or, at the very least, the romantically involved) and these remote and prestigious travel destinations see little business outside of that provided by lovers.

However, a new trend sweeping TikTok – the #bestiemoon – suggests that change is in the air. With almost a million views for that hashtag and over three-and-a-half million for #bestievacation, it’s clear that many are choosing to take their platonic pals away with them instead.

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But why? First, there seems to be a new emphasis in the post-COVID world on reuniting and making memories with the people we value most. In the pre-pandemic world, travellers were much more comfortable with the idea of investing both in their relationships and in their holidays, often saving years ahead for that dream romantic getaway.

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Now, in a world where plans and relationships can be sent spiralling thanks to last-minute lockdowns, people seem to be asking themselves ‘why wait?’

However, on closer inspection, it becomes clear that this is a highly gendered trend. Vincent Pauchon, general manager of The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort has made this revealing comment: “Although the Maldives is known as a honeymoon destination, we do see bestiemoons [there], more so with women travelling together versus men”.

Why aren’t blokes taking their besties abroad? One reason might be that men are much more inclined either to go solo travelling or, in contrast, travel in larger groups, opting for all the much-loved debauchery of a “lads holiday”.

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Why aren’t men going away with one another? Enter the #bestiemoon. Image: Getty

But we want to make the case for a blokey bestiemoon, a chance for some much-needed one-on-one time with your favourite dude. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a romantic getaway, but could a bestiemoon have some advantages over travelling with that special someone?

You can keep as many cocktails and candlelit dinners as you’re comfortable with, while opening up some conversational space for things that the missus might be less keen to spend her evenings debating: Formula 1, footy, watches, workouts and TV are all back on the table. More than that, you can go at it while wearing whatever outfit your heart desires, with no need for all the usual preening and primping that comes with those more romantic moments. Plus, the photos can be as wild and immodest as you see fit.

So, just think about it. We’re not saying your special someone doesn’t deserve all the love and luxury of the traditional honeymoon, but maybe there’s an argument to be made for some long-overdue bro time.