Ewww: Pollution A Good Reason To Avoid Beach In Sydney & Brisbane Right Now


Credit: Bill Morris

A gross video of Bondi Beach has shown why you should probably give the beach a miss after rain.

The video comes from Eastern suburbs photographer Bill Morris. Mr Morris is an award-winning, freelance surfing photographer born and bred in Bondi who has travelled the world working for various magazines such as Australian Surfing Life, Tracks, Stab, Surfing and even Surfing Life Japan.

Mr Morris this week posted clips of Bondi Beach to his Instagram story, giving followers a look at what the water looks like after rampant rain.

Photographer Bill Morris shows off the water conditions at Bondi

Mr Morris isn’t alone in providing sneak peeks of the conditions. Photographer, strategist and creator Dan Wilkinson has also been in amongst it, telling DMARGE: “Ha ha… it’s fine, but let’s just say I’m washing every orifice thoroughly and using nasal spray, aqua ear, betadine mouth wash and eye drops after every session just in case!”

He added: “It’s actually fine. I just take precautions when there’s heaps of rain so I don’t get sick.”

On that note, rumours have been bouncing around Facebook page Bondi Local Loop that the water is making people sick.

“Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but if you or your kids were in the water at North Bondi on Friday watch out for vomiting and/or diarrhoea,” one woman wrote on the page (referring to last Friday).

A spokesperson for Waverley Council told Yahoo News Australia that Sydney Water have confirmed they had “no works or alerts of sewage problems in the North Bondi area over the weekend.”

“Beachwatch took a sample at Bondi Beach on February 18 and the quality of that water sample was very good [four stars]. There are also no alerts today for ocean beaches in Sydney, including Waverley’s three beaches.”

“As a general precaution, swimming at oceans beaches should be avoided for up to one day after heavy rainfall or for as long as stormwater is present.”

Sydney has received a month’s worth of rain in mere hours at certain points this week. Though the wild weather seems to be finally winding down, the La Nina climate conditions causing the wetness are set to persist for another month or two, so there are no guarantees the rain won’t come back.

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