Casual Sex Mistakes Men Make Too Regulary

"The men that are excited to tell you they are kinky usually aren’t."

Casual Sex Mistakes Men Make Too Regulary

Whether you just got out of a relationship or you’ve always been a platinum-level Tinderite, every man goes through a ‘devil may care’ era at some point in his life.

One Romeo-esque encounter turns into another, and before you know it every time you look in the mirror you give yourself a wink and call yourself Lothario.

Just one problem: the people you’re oh-so-casually dating may not see it that way. In fact, if Reddit is anything to go by, they may be sniggering behind your back (or critiquing your ‘moves’ on an 881k member strong internet forum).

In the AskWomen section of Reddit, a bastion of feminine insight, the question, “Women who have slept with a lot of men, what are your surprising insights?” was recently posed. Although there were some banal (and bizarre) answers—there were also a lot of ‘handy’ tips.

So: these are the biggest mistakes guys make when sleeping around—plus how to fix them. Your partner/partners can thank us later…

Claiming To Be Kinky When You’re Really Not

One of the biggest disappointments women expressed was, “(The) men that are excited to tell you they are kinky usually aren’t.”

And the biggest turn-on? Guys who are subtle about their bedroom ‘proclivities’: “It’s always the guys who you think would be vanilla who turn out to be the nastiest (in a good way).”

Exaggerating Your ‘Skillset’

Following on from being misleading about your ‘kinkiness’, according to female commenters, the number of men who exaggerate their experience and/or skill set is “disappointingly high.”

“I’ve had a dude spend all night sweet talking me about how he was turned into a monster in bed, and when I asked him to slap me he just sorta caressed my face. Wouldn’t even slap my ass for real.”

Not Being Able To Multi-Task

Although this is less of an expectation and more of a bonus, the consensus of the thread was that, “If you find yourself a man who uses his hand to stimulate you (at the same time you’re) having sex, he’s a keeper.”

On the flip side, if your partner would rather do it themself, as the following story shows, let them: “One of mine felt inadequate if I stimulated myself and insisted on doing it himself. Then, no matter what directions I gave he just couldn’t get it right.”

“I didn’t enjoy sleeping with him at all. I could neither take the wheel and make it good for myself nor enjoy his completely wrong motions.”

Not Having A Good Attitude

The resounding opinion on this topic is best expressed in one comment, “If a guy is an asshole, he’s going to make you feel like crap after you sleep with him. It doesn’t matter what your intentions are.”

On the contrary, “If a guy is decent, you’ll feel fine afterward, even if it was just a one night stand.” So keep tabs on your attitude and motivation.

Going Too Fast

This one seems to come with experience, with many pointing out, “The younger they are, the faster they f*** thinking that will make you orgasm.” However, “The older ones know that a good pace is key and understand the importance of communication.”

Being Too Proud To Take A Back Seat

Although most of us don’t have a problem with this, the women of Reddit had a rather lengthy discussion around how “guys are usually very open to being told what to do and how to do it right.” Which means that if you’re not part of this majority you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage.

“Getting a woman off gets most guys going. Use this to your advantage often ladies.”

Getting The Wrong Condom Size

Although we know a fair few guys who are deluded the other way round, due to societal pressure and insecurity, the women Redditors reckoned, “Most men with large penises think they are average and most with average penises think they are small.”

“As a result a lot of guys have been using the wrong size condom and hating them as a result.”

One woman said, “When I first started seeing my fiancé condoms would pop allllll the time and he said they were so uncomfortable. Finally, I was like listen, I think those are too small, you should get bigger condoms. He did; they were much more comfortable.”

“He was amazed because he was 29 and had been using too small condoms since he was a teenager, and now we joke about his ‘magnum dong’.”

Assuming You Are Going To Be The Emotionally Detached One

“The idea that men want to f*** and women want to make love is complete bullsh*t. I have no idea where that bizarre idea came from.” ‘Nough said.

Relying Purely On Your Looks

One woman revealed how, for her, “Feeling comfortable and not pressured is more a determining factor (in good sex) than how hot a guy is.”

“If I grow comfortable around you and feel like I know you that has way more clout than just plain good looks. I mean this in terms of attraction really and chemistry.”

Choosing The Wrong Partners

Pro tip: “If you’re looking for a FWB situation, find a guy you genuinely like as a person, have sexual chemistry with but have plenty of reasons for not actually dating,” one woman said. “During times when I was not ready or interested in a relationship,” she continued, “I had fantastic FWB situations because we went in with complete honesty.”

Faking An Orgasm

Although men aren’t exactly known for this, one guy jumped in with an awkward situation that a guy can get himself stuck in when he’s too embarrassed to be honest: “We were mid f***ing and she says, ‘Don’t cum’, right before I came; I continued on hoping she wouldn’t notice and uhh…technically fake my orgasm?”