The Classy Summer Shirt Australian Men Aren't Ready For… Yet

Beach bummer.

The Classy Summer Shirt Australian Men Aren't Ready For… Yet

The mercury is rising in the Southern Hemisphere, and we’re starting to see jeans and jackets give way to singlets and shorts. Yes, summer’s on its way, which also means that the Australian man’s wardrobe is due for a refresh. Sadly, most Australian men don’t have a lot of imagination when it comes to summer attire. No doubt you’ve already noticed the Hawaiian shirts, tacky polos and v-neck tees start to make an appearance. It’s a cavalcade of classics that’s sure to continue until things start getting cold again in March or April.

But maybe you’re looking for something a little different; something comfortable in the warm weather but a step up from a linen shirt. Enter the kurta: a Southern Asian tunic that’s incredibly common throughout the Subcontinent that’s the perfect all-purpose summer shirt option. Light and breathable, but easily dressed up, not to mention available in a wide variety of cuts, designs and materials, the kurta is an indispensable part of many men’s wardrobes.

Now for some of our readers, wearing a kurta in summer is hardly a revelation. But it might be for many Australian men who are stuck in a rut when it comes to their summer sartorial style. Australian master tailor Patrick Johnson seems to think so, recently taking to Instagram to share his take on the classic garment.

Blue and White Stripe Oxford Kurta, P. Johnson.

“I live in these all summer,” he relates, showing off a cotton seersucker number.

“They’re really good as a nightshirt, great to wear to the beach, and you can also wear them a bit more formally.”

We think Johnson’s take on the kurta looks great, so we put it to Instagram – and found that we’re in the minority when it comes to the summer shirt alternative.

Sadly, it seems as if many Aussies aren’t ready to don the comfy kurta yet. It’s a shame because they’re missing out.

Johnson suggests that men might be hesitant to wear the kurta because it somewhat resembles a dress. We’d wager it has more to do with people fearing coming across as a Melbourne tryhard in Byron… But we digress.

Our take? Just because Instagram isn’t a fan doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider the kurta. Indeed, it might offer you the opportunity to be somewhat of a trendsetter…

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