Donald Glover Just Broke One Of The Biggest Rules Of Menswear

I'm too sexy for my shirt...said no one ever.

Donald Glover Just Broke One Of The Biggest Rules Of Menswear

Donald Glover is usually a bit of a cult hero when it comes to his wardrobe choices. For the most part the actor-rapper gets the eclectic fashion movement right, but not all of us are perfect. And Glover proved it overnight by breaking one of the biggest style rules in menswear.

Put on a damn shirt, man.

At Rihanna’s 4th Annual Diamond Ball, Gambino opted for a dark turquoise double breasted suit by Dior Homme in a very relaxed fit. That wasn’t the issue though – he did it by replacing his shirt with chest hair and gold necklaces. Whilst living out the days of the northern summer may be a thing, going down the no-shirt-suit combo is a big no-no unless you want to look like an exotic salesman of human organs who also happens to moonlight as a pimp.

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The solution is rather simple. Always put on a shirt with a suit. If it really is too hot, go for a linen shirt or a standard one with the buttons undone. Topless should only be reserved for the beach, working out and the bedroom.

Still don’t believe us? Check out the disaster that happens whenever men choose to go semi-topless via the gallery.