Elon Musk Teases The World With Tesla Branded Tequila

Mmm...battery acid.

Tesla Tequila

Face it. Entrepreneurial poster child and super villain Elon Musk could market the hell out of blinker fluid.

Luckily the 46-year-old is focused on more pressing issues like launching cars into space, colonising Mars and making his own line of Tesla-branded Tequila. And that latter part isn’t even a joke.

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Musk today revealed on his personal Instagram what the company’s latest product would be. There was no caption, just a grainy close-up shot of a red label which reads ‘100% PURO DE AGAVE’, which according to our Spanish lessons with Señor Chang, can only mean ‘100% Pure Agave’ – you know, the stuff Tequila is normally made of.

Will it come with lingering notes of battery acid? Will it make you rich and smart like Musk? Will it bring you to an alternate universe where Tesla Model 3s arrive on time? Nobody knows.

What we do know is that Musk rarely partakes in marketing stunts without pulling through with the goods. He’s a do-er. And now he’s your party guy and bonafide fiesta fire starter. Salut!

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