Erling Haaland Turns Heads In Ridiculous Turquoise Tracksuit, With Hilarious Fan Reactions

"Bro thinks he is the ocean or something."

Erling Haaland Turns Heads In Ridiculous Turquoise Tracksuit, With Hilarious Fan Reactions

Image: @erling.haaland

Premier League footballers have always been renowned for their bold and sometimes questionable outfit choices. This week, Erling Haaland kept this long tradition alive by stepping out in a Turquoise tracksuit that he was quick to plaster on his socials… to a mixed response from fans.

Erling Haaland has taken the EPL by storm, with Man City Fans saying that their new striker may as well be playing the Premier League on “easy mode”.

This week, when he stepped out and took to socials wearing a head-turning turquoise tracksuit, EPL fans once again proved their banterous supremacy over AFL fans, turning up the heat on the Man City prodigy.

Haaland, who transferred to Manchester City in the summer of 2022 for a fee of €60 million ($97.8 million AUD), is something of a legend in the game despite being a fresh-faced 22-year-old…

In 2020, Haaland won the Golden Boy award, while in 2021 he was named Bundesliga Player of the Season and was included in the FIFA FIFPro World11 in 2021 and 2022.

He has also broken Premier League records with Manchester City, including becoming the quickest player to score two, three and four hat-tricks, and becoming the first player in the league’s history to score hat-tricks in three consecutive home games.

Despite this glowing footy resume, his style game is still very much up for debate. Taking to social media this week wearing a co-ord turquoise tracksuit comprised of oversized bottoms with elasticated cuffs, track jacket, and matching sweatshirt, all finished by black sneakers with a contrast turquoise tick, Haaland seemed pretty proud of his City-inspired look.

Fans, however, had more mixed reactions. Some were keen on the fit, commenting “wow, good style”, calling the outfit “10/10”.

Others were less keen, ripping into the outfit with significant enthusiasm: “bro has diamond armour” said one, alluding to the legendary Minecraft gear, while another was a little more abstract but no less mocking:

“Bro thinks he is the ocean or something.”


Some ignored the outfit altogether and focused solely on his football skills, with comments such as “Best Number 9” and, in particular, “Better than Mbappe”racking up hundreds of likes.

Haaland celebrating City’s win over Leicester City this week. Image: Getty

Surfacing mere hours after we saw NBA star Russell Westbrook storm into the Footprint Center wearing an unbuttoned yellow co-ord, it seems that the matching set is here to stay this season.

Love it or hate it, these are strong looks that can make the most unsuspecting individual pieces into a statement outfit that – for better or worse – leaves you standing out from the crowd.

While we admire Haaland’s confidence, we’re slightly less convinced by this look than by Westbrook’s… but if it turns out to be nothing more than a dog-whistle for Minecraft fans, then we’ll let it slide just this once.