Get Shredded At 40: Outrageously Ripped 48 Year Old Man Reveals Simple Secret

No tricks, no tweaks; just consistent hard work.

Get Shredded At 40: Outrageously Ripped 48 Year Old Man Reveals Simple Secret

Anyone who says that it’s too hard to stay fit after your twenties needs to just take a look at this fitness influencer.

When you’re in your twenties, you can abuse your body and more or less get away with it. Late nights, overindulging, bad eating habits… A few weeks of clean living and exercise can reverse any (visible) damage dealt. Plus, you’re able to build muscle and lose weight quickly if you put your mind to it.

As your body starts to age, you have to put in far more effort to see the same sorts of gains, and you can’t bounce back so quickly from health stumbles. It’s no surprise that many men give up on being fit once they’re middle-aged because the amount of effort required to stay in shape becomes exponentially so much greater than it used to be – it just seems too hard.

Paul Sklar, however, stands as a living rebuttal to that argument. The 48-year-old American professional trainer and former world-ranked pro duathlete has developed a sizeable 861,000-strong following on Instagram thanks to his common-sense exercise tips – and let’s be frank, his amazing rig.

“I take a no-nonsense approach to my training,” Sklar relates on his website.

“I don’t bulk. I don’t cut. I train to stay in shape year-round. No BS.”

The North Carolina native’s advice comes as a breath of fresh air in an industry that’s dominated by fad diets and exercises. While not every man in their middle age might have a background as a professional athlete like Sklar has, his gimmick-free exercises are achievable for men of all fitness levels.

“For the most part, your body is a reflection of your lifestyle.,” Sklar relates.

“Not everyone is blessed with good genetics, passion for health, the enjoyment of the physical demands of exercise, the willpower and mental discipline of eating consistently healthy and moderately, or the life circumstances that allow for the time necessary to accomplish their goals.”

“However, if you are conscious and mindful of the choices you make every day, a positive outcome is more predictable and more likely.⁣”⁣

“No matter your situation, try to stay positive, always remember your goals, and be the best you can be.”

From kettlebell squats combined with shoulder presses

… to battle rope extravaganzas…

… there is enough of a variety of routines on Sklar’s page to keep you shredded well into your 90s.

Good luck…

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