Gucci Drops Most Ron Burgundy Suit Ever That'll Change The Way Men Wear Suits In 2021

"Don't act like you're not impressed."

Gucci Drops Most Ron Burgundy Suit Ever That'll Change The Way Men Wear Suits In 2021


In the world of haute couture, competition is fierce and all businesses – from independent designers and small labels to the big luxury houses – need to innovate to survive.

Gucci, after a rocky period at the start of the 21st century, has emerged as perhaps the most innovative luxury fashion brand active today. Under current creative director Alessandro Michele, the nearly 100-year-old fashion house has pioneered a highly 70s-inspired ‘geek chic’ aesthetic that’s been widely imitated across the fashion industry. The brand’s never been more relevant or interesting, and they’re only continuing to evolve.

The last 12 months have seen Michele refine his aesthetic even further, maintaining that 70s playfulness while making things more accessible; more versatile for the average wardrobe, particularly where men’s suiting is concerned. Last year saw Gucci release an exciting new men’s tailoring collection with a campaign featuring musical heavyweights A$AP Rocky, Iggy Pop, and Tyler, the Creator. Not only does such a campaign prove that Gucci’s got their finger on the pulse when it comes to popular culture, but also that they know where men’s fashion is headed.

With that in mind, the latest addition to this collection is what’s got us so hot under the collar today: a jacquard wool suit that shows off a new Gucci monogram design, as well as some seriously huge, Anchorman-worthy lapels – the biggest Gucci have made in a long time and an emphatic statement about where men’s formalwear is headed in 2021.

L-R: Gucci’s latest, most Ron Burgundy-esque offering; multi-instrumentalist Anderson .Paak in another very 70s Gucci suit; Tyler, the Creator in Gucci’s star-studded 2020 tailoring campaign.

Just as 90s and 00s style is currently the flavour of the month, we’re anticipating that 70s and 80s style will become the dominant men’s fashion trend as the 2020s roll on. Think big lapels and flared trousers; warm, sun-kissed colours like red, orange and brown; a move back to big eyewear (forget those late 90s tiny rave glasses) and footwear options like Jodhpur boots, dress shoes with monk straps, Jesus sandals and of course, loafers. Can’t forget the Gucci loafers with your Gucci suit now, can you?

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Another big element of 70s style that’s already coming back into fashion in a big way is the mullet, which is bizarrely shedding its bogan or lower-class connotations and become downright cool. Indeed, VICE reported last year that the mullet has even infiltrated the snooty world of English private schools, where it’s become the must-have ‘do. It’s better than the ‘roadman cut’, we guess.

If you’re looking for some more style inspiration, some other labels that are getting in on the 70s wave with their newest collections include Levi’s, Saint Laurent and visvim. And this is just the tip of the iceberg – Gucci might be blazing the trail but mark our words, 70s style is something worth getting on board with in 2021.

Now go forth and be kind of a big deal.

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