The Secret To Looking Younger For Longer Is Easier Than You Think

Cheat Mother Nature the right way.

Looking Younger

It’s time someone stood up and said it. Ageing gracefully doesn’t need to mean you can’t do anything about it.

Somewhere along the line it became the norm to accept what fate and Mother Nature threw our way whether it be balding, dark spots or wrinkles. But since when did ageing gracefully have to mean inaction? Not today.

It’s time to change things up to get your tired old self looking like new again. These simple changes to your personal care routine will ensure you’ll get carded at bars again before you know it.

Prevention Always Beats A Cure

Unfortunately there’s no procedure for transplanting your skin if you screw it up (FYI Face/Off was just a film). The only solution here is to care for it from the beginning meaning right now. Maintain a regular regimen of cleaning, moisturising and protecting your outer layer as it sees most of the daily elements.

One of the biggest culprits is of course the sun. Always apply sunscreen even when you don’t think you need it and it looks overcast. The tan might be tempting, but melanoma is a good look on no one. If you do need to bronze up, go the fake tan route. Your future self will thank you for it later.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

Weight can have a significant affect on the age you look. This doesn’t necessarily correlate to being just overweight but also underweight. No one has ever said “Look how youthful that gaunt man looks!”

The solution is to hit the gym regularly and stabilise your diet to incorporate less processed foods that are high in saturated fats and sugars. Replace these bad boys with natural foods, drink lots of water (your body needs it to function as the body’s water content needs to be at around 65%) and workout.

Keep Your Hair Short

The long locks you used to rock looked cute on you as a teenager, but the charm wears off as you get older. Shorten up your style and give your do a new lease on life with a cleaner and more refined look.

Go for a hairstyle that’s on trend without going over the top like you came straight off a runway. The right style will look both modern and timeless whilst contributing towards a younger looking you.

Keep Facial Hair Trimmed

They’re called beard trimmers and shavers and we suggest you use them. Whilst it’s fun to exercise your masculine right to grow an unruly beard, it isn’t always the best option if a youthful look is your end-game. Also don’t forget to keep a check on unruly eyebrows and anywhere else hair may protrude around your pretty mug.

The heavily rugged look may suit your friendly neighbourhood hipster, but it will also make you look older.

Grey Care Coverage

Silver foxes are cool, but we’re sure it can wait another decade or so whilst you work on perfecting your prime. Grey hair can instantly add years to your look so consider covering it up with hair colouring products designed specifically for men.

A lot of them come in simple DIY kits these days so getting the job done is a quick and easy affair. Jane in accounts will be so impressed she’ll be asking YOU out in no time.

Clean Your Teeth

And don’t forget your teeth. Smiling is a big part of looking more vibrant and younger so make sure you keep those pearly whites sorted with regular visits to the dentist to remove damaging plaque.

Brushing twice daily and using mouth wash will help keep your teeth and gums in good nick – a must if you’re a prolific tea or coffee drinker.