India’s $30 Million ‘Sky Mansion’ Will Be Empty Forever

Valued at $30 million, it could remain empty thanks to its owner's nefarious dealings...

India’s $30 Million ‘Sky Mansion’ Will Be Empty Forever

Image: Business Insider

You would be forgiven for thinking that Jeff Bezos’ LA ‘Mega Mansion’ or his shiny new home in Florida’s much-coveted ‘Billionaire Bunker’ are some of the wildest billionaire homes out there. However, this absolute wildcard, built on behalf of Indian businessman Vijay Mallya, may just blow Bezos’ portfolio out of the water.

Built in Bengaluru, India, the so-called ‘Sky Mansion’ perches atop a 33-story luxury apartment complex, standing as a somewhat uncomfortable testament to the opulence that some of India’s tycoons and business moguls are fast becoming known for. However, this particular abode, valued at an estimated $30 million AUD (that’s c. $20 million USD), could remain empty thanks to its owner’s nefarious dealings…

Belonging to alcohol and pharmaceutical tycoon Mallya, the property spans over 40,000 square feet across two floors, boasting a helipad, lush gardens, an infinity pool, as well as a 360-degree viewing deck. Constructed on a mammoth cantilever over 400-feet in the air, suffice to say that the project presented something of an engineering challenge for the architects involved.

Mallya, once bestowed with the enviable nickname”king of good times”, earned as a result of his shamelessly lavish lifestyle, is now a highly controversial fugitive. Having fled India in 2016 amid allegations of defaulting on debts exceeding $1.5 billion AUD (c. $1 billion USD) and facing charges of fraud, his departure left the sky mansion —which was still under construction at the time — clouded in uncertainty and chagrin.

As such, the mansion’s fate is intricately tied up with the outcome of Mallya’s many legal battles. Despite numerous attempts by the Indian government to extradite him from the UK where he seeks refuge, the process has been slowed by a number of legal complexities.

Image: SBS

In August last year, Tom Tugendhat, then British minister of state security, emphasized that the UK government does not intend to become a haven for anyone evading justice… and yet, the extradition of Mallya, along with other high-profile fugitives, remains a challenging and complex process.

As legal proceedings drag on, the Sky Mansion stands as a silent witness to the meteoric rise and contentious fall of one of India’s most flamboyant businessmen. With Mallya’s future uncertain and the mansion still incomplete, it seems likely that the residence will remain empty forevermore… or, at least, until someone equally wealthy and just as shameless comes along to take it off his hands.