What Eating ‘Cheap Meat’ Does To Your Body (Spoiler: It’s Not Pretty)

Before you go keto, read this.

What Eating ‘Cheap Meat’ Does To Your Body (Spoiler: It’s Not Pretty)

Image Credit: Monash University

Health hacker Dave Asprey has taken to Instagram to share what eating industrially farmed meat does to your body. Spoiler: it’s not pretty.

Before we get into all that – here’s a little context. Asprey, who is a renowned health hacker (one who promotes things like velcro light blockers for your curtains and blue light eliminating glasses), and who is always at the forefront of anything that could potentially extend your youth, is a big fan of eating grass-fed, naturally raised meat, and has warned his followers many times of what can happen to your health if you go vegan (and don’t do it right).

But when it comes to factory farming, he’s not a huge fan either.

“I tried going keto 20 years ago, but I didn’t understand that different meat does different things to your inflammation,” Asprey told his 533k followers.

“Meat from industrial animals has a noticeably different fatty acid profile. It messes up your gut bacteria and ages your body. Basically, it causes inflammation.”

He added: “Plus, it’s mean. I live on a small farm, and we take great care of our animals. We get to know them. It makes my stomach turn to see animals in crowded factory conditions. It’s not OK.”

“And if you are into living a long time like I am, you need to understand something. When we take something out of the soil, we have to put it back in. Sadly, industrial agriculture is extractive, not regenerative.”

“When you decide to buy from a small farmer and buy grass-fed (even if it costs a little more…you eat less meat and more butter, so it all works out), you are doing yourself a solid—and you are doing our soil a great service.”

“If that’s not enough to convince you, let me tell you about Zearanol. It is a pharmaceutical that industrial agriculture companies place in a cow’s ear, a synthetic estrogen made by a species of toxic mold. It’s 1000 times more estrogenic than normal cow estrogen…so the cow gets fat on 30% fewer calories.”

“Why would you want to put that into your body?”

Dave Asprey

Food for thought – and a warning, we reckon, to those considering going keto without really preparing properly (or without having the budget for grass fed meat). Though there are those who argue industrial meat is still better for you than processed foods like Mac n’ Cheese, you’re still doing your body a disservice compared to if you had just chosen to eat healthy vegetarian whole foods or grass fed beef.

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