Jonah Hill's Battle With Self Image Is Helping Men Take Mental Health More Seriously

"Instagram is you looking at someone else's life and thinking: they got it figured out—why isn't my sh*t like that?"

Jonah Hill's Battle With Self Image Is Helping Men Take Mental Health More Seriously

Jonah Hill made a better showing of himself this weekend than he has done in many of his movies. First appearing on Ellen deGeneres to open up about his weight loss battles, then lighting up the Breakfast Club, a morning radio show, with a tirade against the phoney culture of Instagram (and showing off an impressive knowledge of old school rap), Hollywood’s favourite sidekick just took centre stage, inspiring men around the world to open up about their own self image struggles.

In the following excerpt (from the hour long interview) Jonah explains that his latest self-directed movie, Mid90’s (which came out last week) is all about thinking you have it bad, when actually there’s always someone worse off. This got him into a tangent: “Thinking someone else has it better; that’s what Instagram is.” Before America’s pre-caffeinated listeners knew what was happening, Jonah was up and running.

“Instagram is you looking at someone else’s life and thinking: they got it figured out—why isn’t my sh*t like that?”

Jonah then pointed out that not only is Instagram a highlight reel, “But it’s also projection…Like… This is how I want you to see me.” He then went on to encourage listeners to, “Just keep it real: everybody’s got sadness, everybody’s got heartbreak, everybody’s got joy, everybody’s got anxiety, everybody’s got wonder.”

“We’re human beings: no one’s sick all the time, no one’s dope all the time, no-one’s whack all the time—we go moment to moment.”

His comments really struck a chord with the Youtube #commentariat, with many users saying that the interview had elicited a feeling of respect they never would have felt from any of Jonah’s movies.

“(Here in the interview) Jonah doing what he loves best… Acting… I find him very disingenuous.”

Other comments included, “You can definitely see (Jonah) is star struck at points to meet them (the radio hosts), which is crazy as he’s a much bigger celebrity. Shows an element of humility,” and, “Damn he lost a hell (of a lot) of weight. Great actor and always comes across legit. Type of brudda you’d enjoy a drink with.”

“He is spreading such good energy its truly inspiring. All the topics he spoke about. His passion for his work, and talking about mental health etc. Great listen.”

As many pointed out, he received, “Probably the most positive comments I (have) ever seen after an interview,” and all because, “Jonah got that positive vibe that proves to be contagious.”


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Some even went as far as to suggest that (in light of Kanye Wests’ controversial support of Donald Trump), and Jonah’s surprising knowledge of old school rap, that it’s, “Time to trade Kanye for Jonah.”

Other comments of this kind included:

  • “They tried to break him but he stood his ground and proved he belonged. Very dope to see him rep the culture.”
  • “You can tell everything he was saying was straight from the heart… Realist interview I’ve ever watched. Huge fan.”
  • “An ‘actor’ was the realest guest in a while.”

And his story of how skating helped him find a sense of belonging when he was growing up, inspired people to share their own struggles:

  • “Dope interview. Born in 96 and skated for almost half my lifetime. As a kid you try to find a place where you fit in.”
  • “GREAT INTERVIEW.. Nice to hear something you can relate to.”
  • “Makes me wanna make a movie about my life… A young immigrant making it through the America and gets lost in both cultures and not knowing where to belong.”

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