Michael B. Jordan Shows You How To Rock The Modern Day Power Suit

"I want the throne."

Definition: Power Suit – A type of office suit stereotypically associated with the 1980s. It is characterised by sharp cuts, wide shoulder pads and a stiff rigidity.

It might be thirty years on since the power suit made its debut, but it seems that the iconic look is still alive and well in modern guise thanks to Michael B. Jordan – sans enthusiastic shoulder pads. The Creed actor was spotted in Beverly Hills at the 22nd Annual Hollywood Film Awards sporting one of the slickest looking Burberry power suits of the year (or the decade for that matter).

From afar the suit looked like your standard double breasted grey ensemble, but take a closer look and there’s power play details strewn throughout thanks to the British label.

First order of address? The suit’s fitment. Jordan isn’t exactly a slim guy anymore thanks to his brutal training to fill the shoes of a boxer. Thankfully he had a tailor who knew what he was doing, creating a suit which sits beautifully on Jordan’s shoulders and waist – not too baggy, not too tight. The trousers could be a little bit slimmer but were done well enough with just the right amount of slack and length to avoid the dreaded fashion influencer look.

Now let’s get into the details. Jordan paired the suit to a very conservative blue striped linen tie held down by collar buttons – a very slick business aesthetic. This was further complemented with a subtle lapel tab, gold-plated buttons on the front and sleeves.

Being a friend of the brand also means Jordan got to rock the latest Piaget Antiplano timepiece to really drive home the power player-turned-CEO look.

Throw in a pair of classic polished black dress shoes and you have the modern power suit that will have heads turning whichever boardroom you walk into. It also helps if you’re a unit like Michael B. Jordan.