How To Wear A Grey Suit In 2023

How To Wear A Grey Suit In 2023

Considered ‘the black alternative’, the grey suit is again back on the radar for men; proving to be just that little bit cooler than regular black and a touch more timeless than trendy blue.

A rather trans-seasonal colour, grey has the ability to feel summery as a pastel or more like winter’s fog in a charcoal, smoky hue. And, unlike navy or black, grey looks great for work time formalities or after hours too, launching you into Friday night drinks without needing to head home first.

Many wonderful woollen suits started out as grey; the iconic Prince of Wales check, or Gatsby-inspired windowpane, and even the very heritage tweed as a greyish textured fleck.

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Having purchased your grey suit, knowing what to wear – from the shirt to the shoes – needs to feel like child’s play. Otherwise, you’ll still reach straight for Mr. Black, or Mr. Blue – simply because they’re familiar territory.

Luckily, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite street, celebrity and catalogue shots that showcase the very best in grey suits. With a plethora of men working dapperly the grey suit, this Fifty Shades of Grey is the only one worth looking at this season.

Simple Rules To Follow When Wearing A Grey Suit

  • A stark, white shirt and black tie looks super clean with the grey suit, especially in pastel grey or charcoal. Otherwise, light greens, strawberry milk pink, lilac and powder blue are great shirting hues, adding a bit of cheeriness to the office.
  • Wear eye-catching accessories (a nice patterned tie or pocket square) with the grey to liven it up a bit. Keep the accessories the same colour as the shirt but go darker shades, leaving the shirt lighter. For example, pastel blue shirt and navy pocket square and tie.
  • Silver (or white gold) work with the metallic hue of the grey suit, so opt for tie clips, lapel pins and cufflinks in these minerals and metals.
  • Tan lace-ups look stunning with grey, opting for classic favourites like the brogue or monk to exploit the shoe details. Black is always a winner, or go for the more out-there burgundy, sticking to conventional shoe types like derbies or oxfords for this colour.
  • Smart casual grey suiting looks best in light grey; pairing it with a crisp white or black tee and leather sneakers (retro or white) and no socks.
  • Keep the charcoal for the office, opting for a luxurious three-piece a subtle check to really make a statement. Otherwise, clean, slim suit in mid-grey is super versatile.
  • Grey (especially light) can get dirty easily. Do a visual once-over regularly for any stains and if so, spot clean with a damp cloth.t

Expert Tip On Wearing Your Grey Suit

“Grey is one of those colours that gets under utilised. A grey suit – both in light or in darker shades – is a must in every man’s wardrobe because of its versatility. And it brings an ease when wearing it with different colour palettes and combinations. It’s a typical Italian look: elegant and timeless.

My recommendation is to have fun with a grey suit and mix different shirt and tie combinations – from blues and greens, to magenta and cherry. That’s in addition, of course, to the classic white shirt and black tie look. Then, try wearing the jacket over black pants and vice-versa, giving your suit extra life by mixing it up.

I personally love a grey suit-look, maybe because it matches my hair! No, jokes aside, the grey suit is always in fashion. It goes from just being ‘in’, to being ‘king’.” – Dom Bagnato – Designer/Director, Dom Bagnato Design

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