Blue Suits Guide: 51 Ways To Wears To Wear Them

Blue is the new black. Versatile both in summer and winter, and suitable for corporate or for pleasure, blue has never been more popular for men’s suits.

The spectrum of colours range from bright Napoli blues and lighter hues through to darker midnight and navy blue suits which can be worn with almost anything.

Knowing what to wear with a blue suit can be a difficult and sometimes boring task. You’ll either wear more blue, or you’ll pick some random colour and really mess things up. Then comes the question, do I wear brown shoes or black shoes with my blue suit? What about the shirt, will pink or white work? So many questions. So little answers. Until now.

To help answer a few, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite street, celebrity and catalogue shots that showcase the very best in blue suits. Within them are over 50 examples of men wearing blue suits as stylish men should. You’ll find we’re covered single-breasted as well as some double-breasted suits.

Simple Rules To Follow When Wearing A Blue Suit

  • Stick with a crisp white shirt or a lighter shade of pink or blue. These colours create a little contrast allowing your blue suit to pop
  • When it comes to ties the world is your oyster. The safest options are black or navy but red, burgundy and greens can be incorporated too, if you’re looking to add some pops of colour.
  • Both black and brown shoes can be worn with blue suits, and as for shoe styles, lace-ups or loafers are also fine
  • If your suit is well fitted and shorter in the legs and body then feel free to wear a polo shirt and some sneakers with it. It will make a nice change in summer

What To Look For When Buying A Blue Suit

  • Avoid shades that don’t work for business e.g. no baby or electric blues
  • Choose a good quality cloth
  • Avoid rubbish shiny fabric
  • Choose a suit that you can separate for different occasions
  • Cotton and linen suits are better for summer while wool and cashmere blends are more appropriate for winter
  • Avoid polyester
  • Go for a patch pocket suit jacket if you want to try something different

The Best Blue Suit Shirt, Shoes & Tie Combinations

Best Shirts To Wear With A Blue Suit

Do you want the good news? Pretty much any shirt colour will work with a blue suit, except for maybe green or mustard yellow. But practically any other colour will complement a blue suit. If we’re to pick a few favourite shirt colours to rock with a blue suit then it would be white, light blue, pink and of course black. Polka dots are okay as are small subtle stripes. Large stripes are best left to bankers and dodgy lawyers you see on TV.

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Wearing A Blue Suit With A White Shirt

The blue suit and white shirt combination is always a winner. It’s classic and is the one combination that requires the least amount of effort for a man. Ensure the shirt is well fitted and a touch of shirt cuff can always be seen. If you’re not wearing a tie a larger collar is helpful to ensure it stays tucked underneath the blazer lapels at all times.

Wearing A Blue Suit With A Blue Shirt

Another winning suit and shirt combination is the blue suit and blue shirt one-two knockout punch. It keeps the tones cool and complementary and allows you to have some fun with your pocket square. Go wild, we say. Opt for cufflinks for more formal occasions and buttons for the workday. Here you can opt for a dark navy blue shirt too, especially if it’s an evening event.

Wearing A Blue Suit With A Pink Shirt

They say real men wear pink. And we agree. The pink shirt is more suited to the daring gentleman who likes to make a bold statement. A bright blue suit and a bright pink shirt may be too much, so choose whether you want the suit to shout or the shirt. Complete the look with a purple or blue tie. Don’t feel like your pocket square needs to be pink, too. Have some fun here, maybe go for blue.

Blue Suit & Black Shirt

A great option for an evening event is the black shirt with a navy blue suit. Think James Bond does a cocktail party. This works best with dark grey or black shirts combined with navy and darker tones of blue suits. It’s a safer option than brighter and lighter blue suits.

The Best Ties To Wear With A Blue Suit

Polka dots, stripes, texture or just plain tie will all work with a blue suit. Your challenge is to find the best colour to match your suit’s fabric and texture. If you want a loud shirt and tie combination then ensure your suit is plain, if you have a loud suit, then opt for fewer patterns and bright colours/patterns on your tie.

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Wearing A Blue Suit With A Blue Tie

Classic and elegant. Blue on blue on blue is always a winner. Our recommendation is to choose a tie with heavy texture. It will help separate the blue suit and blue tie, giving you a interesting look. You’ll soon notice how many people comment on how they love the texture of your tie.

Wearing A Blue Suit With Red, Burgundy & Pink Ties

For the sake of simplicity we’re grouping the ‘reds’ into one category. This includes brown, salmon and coral. The short answer is red ties match a blue suit better than any other suit colour. The red tie blue suit combo is also a favourite of Donald Trump. It’s known as the ‘power look’. Wear it with pride in the workplace, however if you want to be a touch more discreet and relaxed then we recommend pink, coral, brown or burgundy.

Wearing A Blue Suit With & Black Or Grey Tie

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The blue suit with a black tie doesn’t scream creativity. It’s more of a classic look more suited to the office than a day at the races or a fancy cocktail party. In some cases where your blue suit has a little more flair, then the black tie can be a perfect combination (see above). Alternatively a blue suit and grey tie combination is best worn with a grenadine or heavy textured type of tie. The texture will subtly draw attention to your look without the need for stripes or bold colour.

Do You Wear Brown or Black Shoes With A Blue Suit? The Answer Is Simple…

Brown or black is the question. Honestly, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to this. We would recommend brown over black if your suit is a lighter colour. If your suit is dark or navy blue then a very dark brown or black shoe is better. Brogues, monk straps, oxford or loafers will be the styles of choice. Ensure they have a nice shine and a more rounded shape.

Men’s Blue Suit FAQ

What colour tie should I wear with a blue suit?

The safest tie colour options for a blue suit are a different shade of blue to your suit, or red. You can also wear a pink tie, or even a grey one, provided your suit is made from a heavyweight fabric.

What colour shirt should I wear with a blue suit?

The most common shirt colour to wear with a blue suit is white, but you can also wear lighter shades of blue and pink. Try adding in patterns such as pinstripes too, for an extra stylish flair.

What colour shoes should I wear with a blue suit?

You should only wear black or brown shoes with a blue suit. The shade of blue of your suit will determine which colour shoes you go for: black works better with lighter blue and brown can be paired well with navy blue suits.