Nick Kyrgios Destroys Wimbledon Journalists With Ballsy Statement

"Nothing to investigate there because it’s just factual."

Image Credit: @k1ngkyrg1os

At a press conference, Nick Kygrios has said he couldn’t care less if there is an investigation into him spitting in the direction of disrespectful fans because “I know what I bring to the sport.” He also said he’s sick of the media and that he’s glad they have nothing to write about today (after he beat Filip Krajinovic, without any wild incidents, in straight sets to progress into the third round of Wimbledon).

Nick Kygrios just wrecked some Wimbledon journalists. He did so in the best way a sportsman can: by performing well (so at least for now he can back up his confident claims). After he came under scrutiny for spitting in the direction of a fan in his first-round win against Paul Jubb (Kygios was fined $14,400 for the incident, and claims the fans were being disrespectful), Kygios was again asked about that same spitting incident after his second round win against Filip Krajinovic. Kygios basically told the journalists he couldn’t give a shit.

Of the spitting, Kygios said: “In the direction of one of the people disrespecting me, yes… I would not do that to someone who was supporting me.”

He said after his most recent win: “Why would you be asking me a question about two days ago? Is it because you have no story for today?”

“I’m comfortable in my own skin. Some people love to just tear me down. It’s just not possible anymore.”

Nick Kygios

He continued, throwing more shade: “I just want to give people who watch this press conference or watch my tennis to just believe in yourself, be yourself, don’t be someone else up here either. Don’t just say what you’ve been told to say.”

“I couldn’t care less if there is an investigation about me doing that (spitting), to be brutally honest with you. I know what I bring to the sport.”

“I’m one of the most important people in the sport. Do you want to speak about that? Nothing to investigate there because it’s just factual.”

Nick Kyrgios

“I’m just really sick of the media right now. They’re just nitpicking all of my matches. So today was about just being locked in. I joked with them just then ‘I love that you’ve got nothing to write about today.'”

“I just feel like people just don’t give me the respect sometimes because of other things that I do. There was just nothing the media possibly could tell me I did wrong today.”

“I just know that you can’t possibly ask me anything and stir anything up. And I love it because then you can’t write anything.”

“What are you going to say? Nothing today. Dumbfounded, all of you.”

Nick Kyrgios

Kyrgios has also pulled out of the doubles tournament to focus on giving himself the best possible shot at going as far as he can in the singles.

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