Study Finds Three Unlikely Personality Traits That Help Men Get Lucky

Put your "strong but silent" aura on hold...

Study Finds Three Unlikely Personality Traits That Help Men Get Lucky

When James Bond casually discards the girl of your dreams in favour of a Martini, Universal Studios makes it seem like being emotionally unavailable, suave and unpredictable is the key to attraction.

However, a new study by the Queensland University of Technology suggests being emotionally stable, outgoing and conscientious is more likely to help you get lucky.

Researchers surveyed 3,000 men and 1,500 women and found that the men in the group who had most sex were less “strong and silent” and more “nice, but with their shit together” type dudes.

Therapist Bianca Rodriguez, told the New York Post women are drawn to these men because they “want to feel safe” and “their feelings to be cherished.”

“Women are more discerning than men when it comes to sex… they’re looking for qualities in a man that would indicate stability, that they’ll stick around.”

The study also found that, of the women surveyed, there was only one common trait between the women that had the most sex: agreeableness.

Of this, researcher Dr. Stephen Whyte wrote, “Findings suggest that the greater variance in male traits and their particular combinations may provide an advantage for them when it comes to sex and reproduction but that doesn’t appear to be the case for the women.”

Of course more research is required to solidify these findings. But until then: feel free to brush up on your social skills, emotional stability and diligence (if you don’t score a date, at least your career will thank you).

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