Study Reveals A Relationship’s Expiry-Date Is Set The First Time You Have Sex

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Study Reveals A Relationship’s Expiry-Date Is Set The First Time You Have Sex

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In a move that has (for once) proven exaggeration-prone-mates-everywhere right, scientists have confirmed nervous love-makers’ worst fear: good ‘first-time’ sex could be crucial to the longevity of your relationship.

Specifically, researchers have revealed the success of a relationship is, “Defined by the sexual chemistry between a couple the first time they sleep together” (The Mail Online).

“A study of 800 people found that couples who have great sex the first time they sleep together were more likely to go the distance than those who don’t.”

The study, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, concluded that couples who enjoy their first time together are more motivated to take this experience and turn it into a long-term relationship.

In the early stages of the experiment, the relationships all progressed at similar rates. However, once each duo had sex for the first time, significant differences began to appear.

“When these differences appeared, it was sex which determined whether the couple ended up married or broke up.”

Professor Eastwick, the author of the study, told The Mail Online: “Long term and short term trajectories typically pull apart after you have known someone for weeks or months.”

“You wonder ‘is this going somewhere?” or “How much am I into this person?”

“It is somewhere around this point that short term and long term relationships start to diverge, and historically, we have very little data on this particular period of time.”

But this study has shown; it plateaus or declines in short term relationships, while increasing in those that end up long term.

“People may end up in short term relationships when they are ‘just a little’ attracted to the other person – enough to keep having sex, but maybe not for very long,” he explained.

So there you have it: although long-term relationships are associated with vanilla-sex advocates who have their sh*t way-too-together to offer anything interesting to the world (or their single friends), serial monogamists could actually be having the most fun.

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