Simon Cowell Just Can't Seem To Get The Trouser Thing Right

"A mystery even Sherlock Holmes couldn't solve."

Simon Cowell Just Can't Seem To Get The Trouser Thing Right

We recently published an article calling out male celebrities and their inability to tailor their trousers to the correct length. They’re frequently in the public eye, they have stylists and they have money, so getting the tailoring right shouldn’t be a hard task.

We called out Simon Cowell specifically in our previous article, but clearly the music mogul with more money than we’ll ever see in our lifetime didn’t read it, because he’s been caught yet again with his trousers down, way too far below his ankles.

Papped with girlfriend Lauren Silverman leaving the LH2 Studios in West London after finishing the live filming of X Factor: Celebrity on November 30th, Cowell can be seen sporting his trademark dark grey suit with a crisp white shirt. The man responsible for bringing One Direction to the world must have multiple versions of the same suit in his wardrobe at home because we never see him wearing anything else (apart from a thin white v-neck t-shirt and light wash jeans…that also hang too low).

We wish he would consider giving his style an overhaul though because the amount of sagging material hanging over his shoes is just criminal. How he doesn’t trip over the excess trouser leg is a mystery even Sherlock Holmes couldn’t solve. Maybe he has abnormally small ankles that he doesn’t want anyone seeing.

We could forgive him if he was trying to pull off the flares look. Lenny Kravitz manages to do it with rock’n’roll style, but Simon needs to decide which route he wants to take.


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The trousers aren’t his only fashion crime though, as we also find ourselves stabbing our eyes with rusty nails when we look at his untucked shirt. It just looks ridiculous, and his look would be improved tenfold with a simple tuck.

He should also do one extra button up at the top. He doesn’t have the figure or the ‘cool’ status to get away with the open shirt look.

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