The White Lotus Season 3 Could Be Set In Bali

Death and digital nomads?

The White Lotus Season 3 Could Be Set In Bali

The White Lotus director has just dropped a major hint about the show’s third season, saying S3 may “look at death and eastern religion and spirituality.”

Now the second season of The White Lotus is finally over, fans are eagerly thinking about where the rollicking and frolicking of season three might be set.

WATCH: The White Lotus director Mike White reveals the ‘theme’ for season 3

Though nothing has been confirmed, The White Lotus director Mike White has shared a hint about where season three might take place. Speaking on an HBO insight video, he said that while season one focussed on money and season two focussed on sex, season three “may be a kind of satirical and funny look at death and eastern religion and spirituality.”

He added: “it feels like it could be a rich tapestry to do another round of White Lotus.”

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Couple enjoying their vacation in Bali…

According to West Chester University, “At the risk of being very Eurocentric, Eastern Religions are those religions historically associated with the Eastern Hemisphere. This includes Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, to name a few.”

Though Indonesia is a majority Muslim country, Bali is predominately Hindu.

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This in mind, and given seasons one and two of The White Lotus focussed on popular tourist destinations (in Hawaii and Italy respectively), we’re placing our bets now that The White Lotus season three will be set in Bali. Why? Bali is firmly ~on trend~ what with Ubud’s influx of digital nomads, Canggu’s ‘crossfitification’ and the influenza of influencers in Uluwatu.

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We can just see it now: death and digital nomads. Faux spiritual Westerners. Trustafarians. Tattoos. Muffler burns. Yoga. Meme merchants. Fitness influencers. Surfing. Ultra-wealthy travel bloggers selling presets. Crypto entrepreneurs. Kelly Slater. It could all make the perfect backdrop for the next cast of super-rich Americans cluelessly visiting Bali.

Then again we could be wrong and it could be set at some Buddhist retreat in China, or Vipassana in Northern India (or Thailand). Who knows, the theme of co-opted spirituality could even be ripe to explore in Byron Bay (they don’t call it the Bondi, Byron Bay, Bali triangle for nothing).

Or maybe we’re totally off the mark: maybe the White Lotus season three will be somewhere like an ultra-luxe resort in West Sumba; somewhere Nihi Sumba esque (although given the first two seasons were set at quite mainstream destinations, we reckon The White Lotus season three being set in Bali is more likely).

Whatever ends up happening, after the success of the first two seasons, we can only imagine fans will be eager to tune in for more. All the directors need to do is figure out a less ear-grating theme tune and we’ll be laughing.

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