Make Your Watches & Jewellery Look Like New Again

Keeping your precious object clean

Make Your Watches & Jewellery Look Like New Again

In 2015 two avid watch collectors (Serge & Kevin) discovered their collection would often gather dirt, grime and general grossness from day to day wear.

Having tried alcohol, soapy detergents, commercial cleaners and solvents the pair decided to create their own solution to this problem. A very simple and all-natural one.

Introducing Heist Watch & Jewellery Cleaner Kit…

Heist is an all-natural watch and jewellery cleaner that’s gentle on your precious goods. The travel friendly kit contains an 80ml bottle of cleaning solution, a soft microfibre cleaning and polishing cloth and a soft bristle wand for getting into those hard to reach places.

The resealable packaging ensures you can keep everything safe in your suitcase or carry-on luggage.

“It takes about 2-3 minutes but you noticed a big difference whether it’s a Rolex or Apple Watch.”

Heist will give more shine and sparkle to your watches and jewellery. Heist has been tested on a variety of animals… joke. It’s been tested on all watch types, even the trusty Apple Watch which is often the worst offender when it comes to everyday dirt.

The Heist Watch Cleaning Kit is AU$34.95 (including free shipping for Australian customers) and ships worldwide. Jump over to Heist to get yourself this nifty watch cleaner.