Alcohol Worse For Weight Gain Than KFC, Australian Man Discovers

Alcohol really is the devil's nectar.


There has long been a stigma surrounding fast food. The general consensus suggests it’s incredibly fattening, not very nutritious and ultimately just bad news for your body altogether. But it seems alcohol could, in fact, be even worse for you when consumed on a regular basis.

At least, that’s what Australian man Conan Visser has found after subjecting his body to some gruelling ordeals. Visser, who is the founding president of the ICANIWILL Show – a platform that brings together celebrities and influencers to help promote issues surrounding bullying and mental health – has been posting a series of vlogs on his TikTok to document his progress whilst carrying out a series of challenges.

His first saw him eat nothing but KFC – the popular American fried chicken chain – for 30 days straight. As we’ve heard before from health hacker Dave Asprey, eating fast food can actually be worse for than smoking a cigarette, due to the fact it causes inflammation in the stomach that lasts for a couple of days, compared with 4-8 hours of inflammation following a cigarette.

Visser, who normally keeps himself in incredibly fit shape, gained 10 kilos in weight after the 30-day period and, according to The Daily Mail, “lost a significant amount of definition.” Can anyone say they’re surprised?

But Conan’s real revelation came after he then decided to subject himself to drinking alcohol for 30-days straight. Following his KFC binge, he completed a 16-day water fast to flush out his system – a technique he previously had to learn after contracting a stomach parasite – says The Daily Mail. He then cracked open several cold ones and started his drinking journey.

Conan has been drinking a minimum of eight standard drinks each day (equivalent to around five glasses of red wine, or five 425ml schooners of 4.8% full-strength beer) but would sometimes increase this to 12 standard drinks. As The Daily Mail reports, “on more explosive days he’s had more than 20 standard drinks, attempting to manage the hangovers with a series of natural remedies.”

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After drinking the devil’s nectar for just a week, Conan realised he had put on three kilos in weight, far more than he had put on eating the fast food over the same time period. There’s a relatively simple explanation as to why: as Conan says, “apparently, when you’re drinking alcohol, the liver puts all of its time and attention into processing alcohol, then you store fat faster from all the foods you eat.”

Indeed, the liver is an incredibly important organ, as it helps to remove harmful toxins from entering the bloodstream and balances your energy metabolism. It also produces cholesterol and will cut down on the amount it produces if you consume a high-cholesterol diet.

With the excessive amount of alcohol Conan was drinking, the liver had to dedicate all its resources to ensuring any harmful toxins from the alcohol wouldn’t enter his bloodstream.

What’s perhaps a bit more startling about this weight gain, is that Conan has continued working out throughout the challenge. So, even though he’s exercising a lot, completing hill sprints and bike rides, for example, it’s still not enough to combat weight gain.

But, it wasn’t just weight gain that was caused by drinking high levels of alcohol, as Conan added that after eight days of his high-alcohol diet, he started to have fevers and told his followers, “I can’t remember the last time I felt like this.”

In some positive and perhaps slightly surprising news, he said that after nine days of drinking, his sexual drive was “through the roof, my performance is really good and it’s exciting, it’s adventurous, you want to take risks.” When you consider alcohol can have a detrimental effect on a man’s ‘abilities’ after drinking alcohol (read: whisky dick), this is a positive outcome.

Of course, none of Conan’s findings should necessarily make you think you can now go out and eat as much fast food as you want, so long as you keep your alcohol intake low. But his findings do highlight the fact that fast food, such as KFC, isn’t as ‘bad’ as we’ve all been led to believe. Alcohol could in fact be the silent, but satisfying, killer.

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Indeed, as Healthline states, some of the health risks associated with eating fast food include an increase in blood sugar levels, since there is little to no fibre in fast food meals, but predominantly carbohydrates. When your digestive system springs into action, it releases those carbs as glucose into the bloodstream.

Other side effects include a spike in sodium levels and, naturally, an increased risk of obesity.

Conan is continuing with his alcoholic diet, and is about to hit day 11 at the time of writing. You can follow his updates on his TikTok account.

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