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Chris Hemsworth’s Insane Workouts Will Leave You A Quivering Mess

There’s getting into character. Then there’s this…

The almighty Thor may have taken a quick break from the gym (to oh-so-selfishly spend time with his family), but he’s now back in business, crushing military-style workouts with the panache of a hardened marine (or at least someone who’s about to be playing the part).

This comes in preparation for his next movie, which is currently being filmed, in which Hemsworth plays a mercenary with nothing to lose (and a deadly mission to accomplish). And as we all know: you don’t save the world without abs.

“The character I’m playing at the moment,” Hemsworth revealed in a recent Instagram post, “Is ex-military so I’ve been mixing up my training working with a few super humans with military backgrounds—the focus is on strength, speed, mobility and little to no rest to build endurance.”


If the whole, “little to no rest,” doesn’t sound intimidating enough, just listen to the sound Hemsworth makes when he side-kicks the boxing bag at the end…


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And judging by the variety of attacks he has in his repertoire (and Instagram feed), the Australian icon has been gearing up to play a “strong man” character for a while.

Although most in the comments were in awe of his physique, some had some fire of their own to share…

“When you’re literally Thor and you fighting an inanimate object.”

Salty remarks aside, (and whether or not you’re a fan of Hemsworth), this workout could be a useful tool for anyone looking to spice up their “bench, bicep curl, dip” routine.

In video one he starts with a variation of the classic plank (incorporating prone side kicks to work out the lateral core), then moves on to yanking a heavy boxing bag across the entire room towards him, followed by doing “peck busting” push ups on alternate sides of the bag (with one hand on top of the bag each time), and then (still no break) a classic battle rope workout, finished off with a quick kick-boxing session (and a particularly lethal kick to round it off).

In video two he shows off his boxing prowess (and his ability to handle a rogue roo). But honestly, in terms of developing your back muscles, we would highly recommend the following workout, which has kept Hemsworth’s shoulders broad and his stomach toned, pretty much his whole life.



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