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Grim Photo Proves Sydney City Council Really Wants You To Workout At Home


Although personal training groups of less than 10 people are still permitted to operate outside, a photo obtained this morning by DMARGE suggests the government doesn’t want them (or anyone) using the outdoor workout equipment.

The photo, taken this morning at Rushcutters Bay Park, an outdoor haven nestled between Kings Cross and Double Bay, shows a bodyweight exercise area all fenced off.

A no brainer, given Coronavirus’ ability to survive on steel for a long period of time and the increasing cases reported in Sydney over the last week.

There’s no point social distancing if you’re all doing sit-ups in each other’s sweat.

Though some other exercise areas, in other parks (like the Jonas Bradley Park) remain open – as seen by, among others, the Instagram story of tech commentator Geoff Quattromani – we doubt they will stay open for long (and there doesn’t appear to be many using them).


Until all this blows over, DMARGE recommends these exercises for a top-quality home isolation workout, or reading this piece on how to trick your body into wanting to work out if you’re of the less enthusiastic disposition.

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