Chris Hemsworth's Latest Workout Reveals A Forgotten Training Technique Every Man Should Be Using

There's a method to the madness.

We’d all like like Chris Hemsworth‘s curvaceous thighs and hammer-ready arms, but for most that goal is as realistic as launching a self-sustaining ‘unicorn’ startup and emigrating indefinitely to Bali.

What you can do, however, is workout like him. Enter: the Aussie icon’s new training app, Centr, which – as we reported earlier this year – could take your fitness to a whole new level.

On this note, Chris recently posted a video to Instagram with the intention of promoting the app (and having a bit of fun), which had the unintended consequence of revealing a forgotten training technique that most gym warriors of 2019 seem to have forgotten.

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The technique? Having fun.

Before you berate us for turning something into nothing: hear us out. Multiple studies (and Hugh Jackman) have shown that mucking around, keeping your workout interesting and going to the gym with friends can increase both your progress and your likelihood of maintaining those hard-sweated gains.

So don’t be too quick to write off Chris Hemsworth’s iron-wrestling antics, playful banter and bizarre bouts of yelling which he engages in with his mate Jorge and his personal trainer Luke Zocchi – especially in this world of headphones, podcasts and ‘tween-set Insta-scrolling.

As for the clip itself, Chris appears to struggle to lift heavy weights and kettlebells, but gets through with his PT and his friend’s motivation.

The whole workout was set to ~dramatic~ music, while the guys added some improv sound effects of their own, yelling and grunting.

Hemsworth captioned the video: “Wrestling some iron with Jorge and Zoco while yelling loudly and playing dramatic music. Wanna see more of this madness?”

It would appear the answer is a firm yes, with Instagram comments rolling in from every direction, from “me va a dar algo” (he’s going to give me a heart attack) to the eternal heart eye emoji.

And, even though some dudes took the chance to rib their idol a little (“good to see you’ve lost some weight since endgame”), the number of people who have tried Chris Hemsworth’s workout for 30 days and come away fawning would suggest Australia is far from over its Chris Hemsworth obsession.

Watch what it takes to get massive like Chris Hemsworth

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