Dwayne Johnson’s Creepy Hydration Habits Are About To Get Him Cancelled

Colleagues, including Ryan Reynolds, aren't happy with 'The Rock'.

Dwayne Johnson’s Creepy Hydration Habits Are About To Get Him Cancelled


Dwayne Johnson’s on-set pee habits have been revealed by sources who have worked with the Hollywood superstar, adding to an apparently long-established pattern of unprofessional behaviour.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has long been regarded as one of the most generous, authentic, and (obviously) jacked dudes in Hollywood, garnering the respect of co-stars and fans around the world. However, a damning new report that quotes industry insiders who have worked with the former WWE Wrestler may be about to sink his near-flawless reputation.

The entertainment heavyweight is facing a rocky road ahead in light of revelations about his on-set behaviour, particularly his unusual habit of using ‘pee bottles’. While his wider career has been marked by record-breaking box-office success, his latest film, Red One, has been plagued by production issues that have, in turn, shined an especially harsh spotlight on Johnson’s unorthodox hydration habits.

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The use of pee bottles — a practice Johnson reportedly employs to save time on set — has stirred up controversy and disgust among crew members. Despite predictable attempts to downplay the issue from people in Johnson’s team, insiders have revealed the questionable extent of Johnson’s reliance on these makeshift urinals, painting a picture of a star who prioritises personal convenience over decency and discretion.

According to sources close to the production, Johnson’s penchant for pee bottles has been a longstanding feature on various sets, including HBO’s Ballers and the 2018 film Rampage. Some rumours even suggest that crew members have been left to deal with the unsavoury task of disposing of these containers — a dimension of these reports that Johnson’s team deny with special vehemence — adding a wholly unnecessary and somewhat creepy burden to their already demanding jobs.

While Johnson sees his use of pee bottles as a practical solution to his undeniably very busy schedule, his critics argue that it reflects a wholehearted lack of consideration for those around him. Crew members say they deserve to work in a professional environment free from unsanitary and unbounded conditions, with Johnson’s present behaviour undermining such standards.

“I usually stay pretty hydrated. I need to go to the bathroom a lot. Not a lot, but probably a couple of times during every workout I have to go to the bathroom. So I break out the bottle…”

Johnson speaking to Esquire in 2021

The pee bottle issues appear to be the culmination of a larger pattern of disregard for others and a sense of entitlement that is coming to define Johnson’s reputation within the industry. Reports of chronic lateness and clashes with co-stars — including Ryan Reynolds, with whom Johnson is said to have had a “huge fight” — further underscore what we could kindly call his troubled relationship with professionalism.

In an industry where collaboration and respect are paramount — especially in the post #MeToo era that brought bad behaviour from Hollywood bigwigs to the centre of the discourse — Johnson’s on-set actions create a concerning precedent. While his star power may have shielded him from consequences thus far, the backlash surrounding Red One suggests that the tide may be turning on this once unmovable Rock…