Man’s Wild Life As A Fisherman On Norway’s Deadly Seas

"I get a lot of bruises."

Image Credit: @benjamin_bakke

Fisherman Benny Bakke makes a living in some of the roughest conditions in the world. He hasn’t lost his sense of humour though, regularly taking to Instagram to share his wild experiences with his 447k followers.

A man who goes by the Instagram username of ‘fisherbenny’ is astounding social media users, by giving them a look into the life of a commercial fisherman on the treacherous seas of Norway.

He faces such challenges as wild waves, getting battered (by being jolted into his cabin walls) while he sleeps, and creatures that (it appears) still bite even after they’ve been gutted. All this while catching tonnes of fish (in one post he claims: “we caught 24 tons of fish in two weeks”).

There’s also ice, sleet, crabs, the stentch of rotten fish and difficult to identify ‘monsters’ from the deep. On top of that some of his posts have angered some people, who believe Benny is being disrespectful to the fish, and who have written such comments as “the way you play with dead animals is the way you should play with your dead mothers” (written in response to a video where Benny shows how a dead fish can still bite through a can of coke, creating a mini-explosion of liquid in the process).

Further interesting (some call them disrespectful, others call them hilarious) videos include Benny putting a fish’s head over the top of his and sitting in a plunge pool, Benny putting a fishes head over the top of his and showering himself with water and Benny putting a fish’s head over his and posing for a photo.

Further challenges he shares include getting slammed into walls while he sleeps, being unable to eat soup for dinner (too messy as it slides all around), doors constantly slamming in your face, going to the toilet being a struggle in bad weather and getting wet and cold every day.

There are three good elements to it though. He says you get the best sleep ever when the weather is nice and calm, the sunrises and sunsets are incredible and “it’s always exciting to see the cool/weird fishes we catch.”

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