American RV Owner’s Petrol Pumping Video Shows Insane Cost Of Road Tripping Right Now

Living in a van or RV just went from the cheapest way to travel, to one of the most expensive...

American RV Owner’s Petrol Pumping Video Shows Insane Cost Of Road Tripping Right Now

Petrol prices are through the roof right now, and car drivers (and airlines) are feeling the pinch of rising oil prices at the pump.

A video currently doing the rounds on Twitter, of a motorist filling up their RV, sums the situation up perfectly. The video is credited to Instagram user @rileyfit1 (and was also posted on Twitter by Barstool Sports).

The video shows the motorist filling up their RV with petrol. The video features a text overlay that reads: “You think filling up your car is bad… guess how much it cost to fill up our RV.”

“Pumping with expensive gas,” the man says to the camera, before showing viewers the pump. He and his companions then leave for a bit, because refuelling takes a little while. They eventually come back to the pump and show that to fill their RV with 170 gallons (about 643 litres) of petrol cost them US $944 ($1,294 AUD).

Not everyone has sympathy, however, with one Twitter user suggesting that if you can afford the RV, you can afford the fuel (“We’ve got guys complaining who own $600k RV’s now”).

Another wrote: “You have an RV like that, and you’re towing a 50k plus Jeep Wrangler, you aren’t worried about gas prices.”

It’s not the same for everyone though. Many are struggling with the price hike. One user wrote: “Actually false. My parents currently own an RV with a car being towed and everywhere they go it’s now minimum $800 to fill up.”

“They now plan on selling it this spring. When you have a budget you usually try not to spend more then the budget allows, unlike the government.”

It’s not just gas prices either. Air fares may rise too. Forbes reported recently: “Airfares will probably rise for your next vacation,” explaining, “airfares [are] expected to rise 7% this month.”

“While experts predict ticket prices will climb even higher, there’s some uncertainty about whether it will happen sooner or later,” Forbes added. “Energy prices are putting pressure on airlines to raise fares, but demand is also weakening in some markets. (Even when energy prices fall, airlines don’t necessarily lower their fares.).”

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