How To Wear A Khaki Suit

A heavy black wool suit and the summer sun just don’t mix. When the weather warms up, it’s time for a sandy-hued alternative to the dark colours you’ve been rocking all winter.

The trick is learning how to wear khaki without looking like you’re headed on a safari (unless you are headed on a safari, in which case you should probably at least swap your suit for something a little more rugged). A khaki suit can be formal or relaxed, preppy or even a little bit edgy if you wear it right.

What to keep in mind when buying the suit

Remember khaki suits are most common in the summer collections from designers. You’ll find them in cotton and linen fabrics but sometimes wool blends will be available too. We’d recommend sticking to a muted colour rather than something that’s too bright as it can sometimes look yellow. If you can go for an unstructured suit, that way it will work in casual dress occasions too. Don’t be afraid to separate the suit.

What to wear with your khaki suit

We prefer to pair white or light blue shirts with a khaki suit. It complements the khaki colour and maintains the fresh summer feel. Sometimes we’ll even stretch to a lilac gingham if we’re rocking accessories with hints of purple.

Accessories that work with khaki

As you’ll see in the gallery, blues ties are the most popular, but don’t let that stop you from trying greens and purples. If you can, go for brown shoes and the tone will match the khaki, otherwise, navy shoes will add a nice pop of colour. Loafers and lace-ups are both suitable too. And yes, match the belt with the shoes.


Khaki Suit FAQ

What shoes to wear with khaki suit?

Because khaki suits are a lighter color palette, they complement nearly all shoe types. You can wear them with mock straps and derbies, even loafers.

What color jacket to wear with khaki pants?

Navy is the traditional color jacket pairing with khaki pants, but light grays, burgundies and greens also work. To provide contrast to khaki’s smooth fabric, choose textured jackets.

How to choose khaki suit that complements skin complexion?

It is important to find the right shade of khaki for your skin tone. Generally, tanned complexions look great with warm and brown-based shades of khaki, while fairer skin tones suit the cooler and more green-dominated hues.