How To Wear Wearing Suit Separates For Men

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How To Wear Wearing Suit Separates For Men

When it comes to dressing sharp and sophisticated, nothing beats the timeless elegance of a well-tailored suit. However, the traditional matching suit sets may not always be the most versatile option for every occasion. That’s where suit separates come in. Suit separates allow you to mix and match different jacket and trouser combinations, giving you more flexibility and creating a personalized, stylish look.

In this article, we’ll be your sartorial guide, providing you with essential tips on how to wear suit separates like a true gentleman. Whether you’re attending a business meeting, a formal event, or simply want to elevate your everyday style, suit separates can be your go-to choice for a dapper ensemble.

We’ll delve into the art of coordinating suit separates, discussing color and pattern combinations that work harmoniously together. You’ll learn how to select the perfect jacket and trouser pairings, ensuring a well-balanced and cohesive outfit that exudes confidence and refinement.

Furthermore, we’ll explore different shirt and tie options that complement suit separates, enhancing your overall look. From classic combinations to more contemporary styles, we’ll help you navigate the world of men’s fashion, guiding you towards outfits that make a lasting impression.

Whether you’re a seasoned suit enthusiast or new to the world of suiting, our comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and inspiration to confidently embrace suit separates. We’ll provide you with insider tips on fit, tailoring, and accessorizing, so you can effortlessly exude sophistication and elegance.

So, if you’re ready to break away from the conventional matching suit and explore the versatility of suit separates, join us on this style journey. Discover the freedom and creativity that come with mixing and matching jacket and trousers, and unlock a world of endless possibilities in men’s fashion. Let’s delve into the art of wearing suit separates with finesse and flair.

Get Your Patterns Right

Too much on the pattern front says you’re trying too hard

Wearing separates should encourage you to be bolder than you would be in the office. It’s more than fair to incorporate patterned separates when most of your wardrobe is plain navy or charcoal, but some small caveats apply.

Sure, no one wants to look like they leapt out of a department store catalogue. But going the other way (i.e., peacocking) is probably more ruinous for your closely-guarded reputation in the long term. Stick to one big pattern. For example, a windowpane check jacket over plain trousers.

Mid Brown Checked Havana Blazer

Mid Brown Checked Havana Blazer

A luxurious statement piece for a bold seasonal look.

Keep the rest of the story as simple as possible. Too much on the pattern front says suggests you’re a bit clueless or trying too hard. But if you are feeling a bit of reckless abandon, you can combine patterns by remixing different sized shapes.

Our guide on how to do prints will tell you everything you need to know.

Colour Rules

We’d recommend avoiding black with separates

The classic two-piece suit is a reliable source of anxiety management for most guys – it does most of the colour arrangement work for them. Separates aren’t so simple.

First up, avoid colours that are too close, such as navy and a softer blue. Doing this creates the impression that you’re trying (and failing) to produce a close match up. But don’t go too far the other way. Too many colours can be visually overwhelming and create a sartorially confused impression that won’t

Stick to one colour as an anchor and build the rest around that. For example, a navy herringbone blazer with a white shirt and cream pants. Or, a brown tweed blazer and indigo jeans. This is a solid base for you to experiment with varying shades depending on your skin tone and the season.

Jetsetter Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer

Jetsetter Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer

The definition of effortless sophistication. Minimal bulk, maximum attention to detail.

Lastly, and your mileage may vary on this one, but we’d recommend avoiding black with separates. It’s a harsh colour in daylight, and tends to clash against most colours. Stick to dark blues and greys initially, paired with a neutral.

Pick A Texture

Make sure the rest of your outfit carries the effect

As remodelled country attire, sports jackets were historically made in coarser weaves both to distinguish them from their city brethren and to enable men to dress more informally.

This is still mostly true today. Generally, jackets with pronounced texture are less formal than plainly woven garments. This is something to consider if you’re worried about dress code stipulations on an event invite.

Reserve Twill Knit Blazer

Reserve Twill Knit Blazer

The Reserve Twill Knit Blazer is a versatile, vogue men’s jacket from the top of Faherty’s Reserve Collection, sporting rare details like a double-vented back and buttons carved from authentic animal horns.

Additionally, you should think carefully about sports jackets that are finely woven or shiny. These have an annoying tendency to resemble stranded suit jackets that have lost their bottom half along the way. Even worse, you might look like a stingy bastard trying to make do with your corporate Monday-to-Friday kit.

If you do end up wearing separates in a fine fabric, make sure the rest of your outfit carries the effect. For example, a finely woven wool-silk-linen blazer with superfine merino wool trousers.

Match Accessories & Footwear

Here’s where you can have a bit more fun

Here’s where you can have a bit more fun. Due to the underlying informality of wearing separates, you can spruce up your kit with small details.

These will help produce a point of difference from your everyday working outfits (and give you an excuse to showcase those suspect stocking fillers that haven’t left the wardrobe yet). Whether that’s a floral pocket hankie, suede belt, or lapel pin, you have more flexibility to experiment compared to the office.

Just don’t over-accessorise like you’re an #menswear ‘influencer’ – pick one or two little additions and leave it at that. Don’t wear more bling than your better half.

Your choice of footwear with separates is much more generous – no such thing as ‘no brown in town’ with a casual blazer and pants. Loafers should be at the top of your list. Chocolate brown (tassels optional) works with most colours and levels of formality.

American Classics Pinch Penny Loafer

American Classics Pinch Penny Loafer

Heritage design meets modern innovation in the American Classics Pinch Penny Loafer.

Chelsea boots aren’t far behind, especially for winter, and can be dressed up or down easily. If you’re feeling bold, luxe white sneakers can give you a crisp overall look (just don’t wear them to the club).

Separates Do’s and Don’ts

Your guiding light for suit break-ups

Do invest in staple colours first

You get more mileage out of navy and grey than salmon pink or aqua (and won’t look like a #menswear Instagram tosser).

Don’t overdo pattern combinations

Pick one, run with it, and avoid the temptation to dandify your way into the silent mockery of your peers.

Do play with texture

The whole point of separates is to explore options you don’t have access to with a lounge suit. But try to keep the textures in the same family. No s150 superfine merino jackets with thick herringbone pants.

Don’t wear your work jacket with casual chinos

Buy a sports coat you cheap bastard.

Do think about having a seasonal rotation

Linen or cotton for summer and wool for winter. It’ll prolong the life of your garments and limit discomfort during climatic extremes.

Don’t try to incorporate every trend or accessory you have into your outfit

It’s better to sit on the understated end, than look like you’re a castaway from Fashion Week.