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20 Best Men’s Belt Brands To Keep Your Pants Up In 2024

Time to buckle up with the best belts for men.

20 Best Men’s Belt Brands To Keep Your Pants Up In 2024

When putting together an outfit, or investing in new wardrobe pieces, one of the essential accessories that is often overlooked and forgotten, is the belt. More than just a device to hold up your pants or shorts, belts are an imperative accessory for any and every man. Belts for men are, in terms of both functionality and style, just as, if not more, important than ties, watches, and jewellery.

But it’s not uncommon for guys to get their belt wrong, although admittedly, it’s not completely their fault, as many cheap belt brands are just as much to blame for putting out belts for men that are just plain bad; poor quality, and tasteless in style.

That’s not to say you need to spend an absolute fortune on a belt, although as with most other pieces of clothing or accessories, the more you spend, the greater the quality you receive (if you want genuine leather, for example, expect to part with more cash than if you were to invest in a woven belt). There are however a number of brands that are putting out great quality belts for men that comfortably fall under the ‘affordable’ category, and it’s these brands you need to know about.

So, where do you start? Allow us to provide some help. We’ve rounded up some of the very best belt brands on the market today, that all produce belts for men that are affordable, yet well-made from high-quality materials and are sophisticated and stylish.

How To Buy Belts For Men Online

Let’s address the elephant in the room; how the hell do you buy a belt online? After all, you need to know where the holes sit to determine how tight you can make it. You don’t want to buy a belt and then once it’s delivered find that one hole is too loose but the next constricts you so much you feel like you can’t breathe.

A general rule of thumb is to buy a belt that is two inches longer than your waist size. So, if you’re a 32-inch waist, then you’ll want to buy yourself a 34-inch belt. Some manufacturers label their belts for men as S, M, L, or even in between sizes such as S/M and M/L. For those, you’ll want to pay close attention to each brand’s size guide for reference.

Alternatively, you can invest in a webbed or woven belt. Woven belts have the advantage of being able to do away with holes completely since the prong of the buckle can be passed through anywhere on the belt’s surface.

Finally, you’ll need to take into account the height of the belt. Manufacturers usually publish this information online and it’s an important figure to take note of because you don’t want to unpackage your new belt and find it’s too large to fit through the hoops on your jeans, shorts, or whatever other bottoms you want to pass it through.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your outfits effortlessly with a new quality belt, take a look at the brands below that are currently creating the best belts for men.