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Cool Men’s Jewellery Brands That Will Stop You From Looking Like A Pirate

For centuries men’s jewellery has been confined to two items: a watch and a wedding ring. However, those days are long gone. In recent years, men have started to explore wearing other jewellery including rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

According to Bloomberg in 2015 the global market size of the jewellery industry was $310 billion and will grow to $388 billion in 2020. This large increase highlights the growth of not only the jewellery industry as a whole but also the continued adoption of men’s jewellery. Evidently, in this day and age, jewellery is just as much for men as it is for women.

There are myriad different jewellery brands out there and the most important aspect to consider what you’re buying and who you’re buying from is what it says about you. As with all men’s accessories, jewellery is a reflection of who you are as a person, your lifestyle, tastes and even income. So it’s worthwhile looking at various brands, styles and materials available to ensure the jewellery you end up purchasing reflects you in the right way.

Another important aspect to cover is that of quality. Since jewellery is often quite delicate, this is especially important. Not only will better quality items last longer, but they are also better for you as poor quality metals can cause nasty skin conditions if not properly cared for.

Here is our selection of the finest men’s jewellery brands that are sure to help you to lift your jewellery game.

Best Men’s Jewellery FAQ

What jewellery can a man wear?

Men can wear bracelets, cuffs, rings and necklaces or pendants. Be sure to not mix different colours, such as silver and rose gold, but instead, stick to one metal colour throughout.

What colour jewellery is best for a man?

There's no right or wrong answer to this, as it comes down entirely to personal preference. The two most common metal options available to guys are sterling silver and gold, and both can look good in either casual or formal environments. Some men's jewellery can be found in rose gold, but this can be a harder colour to pull off. If you get rose gold jewellery, start off with a piece that incorporates it with silver too, before making the jump to a full rose gold piece.

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Mr Gregory

Mr. Gregory is an exciting men’s jewellery collection from Gregory Jewellers. The collection represents edgy accessories for the modern man and the Mr Gregory range encompasses rings, cufflinks and necklaces in silver.  You will find the ultimate anchor pendant, bracelet or even a fantastic pair of cufflinks for work or that special celebration. Mr. Gregory offers the perfect collection of silver accessories for one’s self or a loved one.

Sterling Silver & Black Rhodium Arrow Cuff $420
Sterling Silver Cushion Signet Ring $150
Sterling Silver & Black Rhodium Skull Tag Necklace $350

Stolen Girlfriends Club

Stolen Girlfriends Club was started by three former pro surfers in New Zealand. Their designs are inspired by music, especially punk and rock ‘n’ roll and are only available in silver.

Silver Chain Ring $80
Stolen Girlfriends Club Silver Side Shock Necklace
Silver Side Shock Necklace $85
Silver Gothic Imprint Bracelet $250

Martine Ali

Martine Ali uses the style of 2000’s hip-hop at the core of it’s designs. Featuring heavy chains, crosses and clips, their designs hark back to a time gone era.

Martine Ali Silver Distressed Gunnar Bracelet
Silver Distressed Gunnar Bracelet $150
Silver Champion Ring $300
Silver Wallet Chain $325

Emanuele Bicocchi

Emanuele Bicocchi is a jewellery designer born in Florence, Italy. As a homage to his home, his designs are heavily influenced by Baroque art and its skulls and crosses, a style which the city is famous for.

Emanuele Bicocchi Silver Cross Necklace
Silver Cross Necklace $265
Emanuele Bicocchi White Double Chain & Braided Bracelet
Double Chain & Braided Bracelet $435
Emanuele Bicocchi
Silver Arrow Ring $165

Peyote Bird

Peyote Bird is based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico and channels the rich  culture of the Southwest in their pieces. Their designs mix beads, metals and stones to create a cool, relaxed aesthetic.

Peyote Bird Sterling Silver Ring
Sterling Silver Ring $478
Peyote Bird Sterling Silver, 14-Karat Gold and Diamond Necklace
Sterling Silver, 14-Karat Gold and Diamond Necklace $893
Peyote Bird
Multi Stone and Sterling Silver Bracelet $168

Oliver Cabell

Not just one to rest on its minimalist sneaker laurels, Oliver Cabell is also in the game of jewellery. Pieces are, perhaps as expected, minimal in aesthetic, making them supremely simple style upgrades for any outfit.

Alan Cuff $95
Leather Wrap Tan $70
Gordon Leather Bracelet $70

Nialaya Jewellery

Designed by one Jannik Olander, a man who was previously employed at Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, Nialaya Jewellery offers a selection of items that use a mixture of leather, precious and semi precious stones that are embody Jannik’s spirituality.

Nialaya Jewellery
Beaded Bracelet $178
Nialaya Jewelry Evil Eye Ring
Evil Eye Ring $269
Nialaya Jewelry Saint George and the Dragon Pendant and Cross Necklace
Saint George and the Dragon Pendant and Cross Necklace $423


Miansai is one of the pioneers of mens jewellery and offer a selection of refined, modern pieces that are sophisticated and minimalistic. Their pieces are crafted from a range of high quality materials and worthy of the investment.

Miansai Test of Time Necklace, Sterling Silver Gold
Test of Time Necklace $150
Nyx Cuff Sterling Silver $215
Miansai Geo Signet Diamond, Sterling Silver
Geo Signet Diamond $175

Luis Morais

Mr Luis Morais is a Brazilian Jeweller who became famous for his stylish beaded men’s jewellery in 2001. His designs feature bright coloured beads, string, various precious metals as well as sandalwood.

Luis Morais 18-Karat Gold Ring
18-Karat Gold Ring $2549
Luis Morais Gold Necklace
Gold Necklace $3000
Luis Morais
Bead, Enamel and Gold Bracelet $225

All Blues

Started by two old friends in 2008, All Blues is based out of Stockholm and offers typical, simplistic and ultra elegant Scandinavian designs. Their designs include some captivating geometries and high quality materials.

All Blues Silver Polished Rope Double Bracelet
Silver Polished Rope Double Bracelet $260
All Blues
Silver Carved Ring $240
All Blues Silver Polished String Necklace
Silver Polished String Necklace $175

Le Gramme

Named after the international unit of measure, Le Gramme offers a selection of minimalistic pieces that match the brands vision of irreducible simplicity. Each of the pieces is named after the weight of the materials used and is hand polished and stamped.

Le Gramme Silver Slick 'Le 1.7 Grammes' Square Pendant Necklace
Silver Slick ‘Le 1.7 Grammes’ Square Pendant Necklace $180
Le Gramme Silver Slick Polished 'Le 11 Grammes' Triple Wrap Cable Bracelet
Silver Slick Polished ‘Le 11 Grammes’ Triple Wrap Cable Bracelet $505
Le Gramme
Silver Brushed “Le 7 Grammes” Ribbon Ring $265

Tom Wood

Tom Wood is a Norwegian based jeweller that produces timeless, unisex pieces. Their pieces are made in small quantities from high quality sterling silver and gold.

Tom Wood Shelby Quartz and Sterling-silver Ring
Shelby Quartz and Sterling-silver Ring $444
Tom Wood
Angel Coin Pendant Necklace $275
Tom Wood Viking Sterling-silver Cuff
Viking Sterling-silver Cuff $392

True Rocks

True Rocks is a modern jewellery brand that includes items from popular culture at the centre of their designs. Some of their designs include razor blades, knives and pills. This edgy style is very much of the moment and hopes to mirror the flaws in todays society.

True Rocks Mini Star Hoop Earrings
Mini Star Hoop Earrings $222
True Rocks Two Tone Cufflinks
Two Tone Cufflinks $454
True Rocks
Razor Blade Necklace $280

Alan Crocetti Jewellery

Alan Crocetti Jewellery focuses solely on redefining the status quo of mens jewellery. Their designs take inspirations from all aspects of life including animals, fire and are built to the highest standards.

Alan Crocetti Silver Heat Necklace
Silver Heat Necklace $475
Alan Crocetti Silver Mini Nashash Single Ear Cuff
Mini Nashash Single Ear Cuff $365
Alan Crocetti Jewellery
Silver Flame Ring $315

Pearls Before Swine

Pearls Before Swine was started by Canadian jeweller Himo Martin in 2006 and turns to overlooked and unexpected sources of beauty for inspiration. They offer a selection of unique, experimental styles and materials that are sure to stand out for all the right reasons.

Pearls Before Swine
Silver Rectangular Forged Ring $415
Pearls Before Swine Silver Triple Thorn Pendant
Silver Triple Thorn Pendant $300
Pearls Before Swine Silver Double Link Bracelet
Silver Double Link Bracelet $255

Shaun Leane

Shaun Leane is a British jeweller who has honed his experience for decades in London’s Jewellery Quarter. His label offers a selection of sleek, modern designs that stand out for the unique designs.

Shaun Leane
Serpents Trace Sterling Silver Bracelet $589
Shaun Leane Arc Sterling-silver Single Earring
Arc Sterling-silver Single Earring $125
Shaun Leane Arc silver necklace
Arc Silver Necklace $300

David Yurman

David Yurman is contemporary jewellery label, famous for their ‘cable’ bracelet. Today the brand makes unique items from a range of high quality metals and stones.

David Yurman 18-Karat Gold Chain Necklace
18-Karat Gold Chain Necklace $4923
David Yurman
Blackened Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet $670
David Yurman Tiger's Eye Sterling Silver Beaded Bracelet
Tiger’s Eye Sterling Silver Beaded Bracelet $552


Mikia is a Japanese jewellery brand that uses travel as the inspiration for it’s pieces. The brand offers contemporary designs that are made to the highest of qualities.

Mikia Turquoise, Hematite and Gold-Tone Beaded Bracelet
Turquoise, Hematite and Gold-Tone Beaded Bracelet $267
Mikia Beaded Necklace
Beaded Necklace $184
Matte Sterling Silver Cuff $695


Originally founded by Ms Yoon Ahn, the wife of hip-hop artist Verbal, AMBUSH was originally intended to be worn on stage by Verbal. Ambush has since grown to make a range of eclectic jewellery often inspired by everyday objects.

Ambush Flame Sterling Silver Ear Cuff
Flame Sterling Silver Ear Cuff $635
Ambush Tape Engraved Sterling Silver Ring
Tape Engraved Sterling Silver Ring $699
Sterling Silver Necklace $795


Tiffany is a name that needs no introduction in the jewellery space, the special blue box that has made many a women happy worldwide now makes some great jewellery for men. If your looking for something iconic and timeless, Tiffany is definitely worth a look.

Tiffany Makers Square Pendant in Sterling Silver
Makers Square Pendant in Sterling Silver $375
Tiffany Makers I.D. Chain Bracelet in Sterling Silver
Makers I.D. Chain Bracelet in Sterling Silver $800
T Square Bracelet $1150


In this day and age, Gucci is a name that needs no introduction. The Florence design house has incorporated various iconic designs including the ‘Double G’ logo into their jewellery.

Gold GG Running Ring $3790
Gucci Black & Gold Small Cross Necklace
Black & Gold Small Cross Necklace $710
Gucci Silver Triple Interlocking G Bracelet
Silver Triple Interlocking G Bracelet $750

John Hardy

John Hardy offers a selection of high quality pieces that are designed to be worn and age with time. They combine various materials to make intricate designs.

John Hardy Asli 7mm Link Bracelet
Asli 7mm Link Bracelet $695
John Hardy Classic Chain Diamond Pavé Band Ring
Classic Chain Diamond Pavé Band Ring $895
John Hardy
Classic Chain Curb Link Necklace $11505


Alighieri was founded by Oxford graduate Rosh Mahtani and is inspired by the poet Dante Alighieri, in particular ‘The Divine Comedy’. The Jewellery is tremendously high quality and is based on found objects that represent lines of the poem. If you’re looking for something with a little more meaning, look no further.

The Snow Lion Sterling-Silver Necklace $272
Alighieri Il Leone Sterling-silver Bracelet
Il Leone Sterling-silver Bracelet $272
Alighieri The Odyssey 24kt Gold-plated Ring
The Odyssey 24kt Gold-plated Ring $216


Cartier is easily one of the most famous jewellery brands in existence. It was founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier and has been the official supplier of jewels to various monarchs in its history. The men’s jewellery collection comprises precious metals such as pink and yellow gold, and even platinum.

Logo de Cartier Wedding Band $1,480
LOVE bracelet, diamond-paved, ceramic $43,300
C de Cartier Wedding Band $1,330

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