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22 Cool Earrings For Men 2023

The best earrings for men to sparkle sparkle.

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Earrings for men, once scoffed at and considered an accessory for women or punk rockstars only, are quickly becoming one of the most stylish ways to enhance your look. Available in a multitude of styles – studs, hoops, huggies, etc. – an earring can easily make you look sophisticated, edgy, mysterious, and even sexy; all depending on the style you choose.

Taking cues from Hollywood heavyweights like Harry Styles and Will Smith, a singular small drop huggie men’s earring or a pair of minimalistic stud earrings will instantly elevate any outfit and give off an alluring bad boy charm (something the ladies love).

If you’re debating whether or not to get an ear (or both) pierced, or perhaps you’ve already taken the plunge and need a new pair, we’ve rounded up the best brands that produce high-quality and extremely cool and stylish earrings for men.

Men’s Earring FAQ

What style of earrings can a man wear?

The most popular style of earrings for men is stud earrings or huggies - very small hoop earrings that hug your ear. The style of earring you wear can also depend on whether you have only one or both ears pierced, and where your piercing is. If you have both ears pierced, we suggest studs. But if you only have one, definitely go for a drop-style huggie - a small hoop earring with a small pendant of some sort dangling down.

What colour earrings are best for a man?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this, as it comes down entirely to personal preference. The two most common metal options available to guys are sterling silver and gold, and both can look good in either casual or formal environments. Some men’s earrings can be found in gunmetal tones, which will give you an edgy look.

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