17 Best Rings For Men To Accessorise Any Outfit

Finding the cool rings for men can be a hassle, but we got you covered.

When it comes to accessorising any outfit, slipping some of the best men’s rings onto your fingers is a simply and foolproof way to up your style credentials.

Rings, like any other type of jewellery – such as a necklace or bracelet – come in various styles, such as signet, wedding and even men’s rings for your pinky (little) finger. Guys will also occasionally need to think about engagement rings.

Naturally, they come in various colours and materials too. The most common you’ll find will be made from either silver or gold, but some high-end brands opt for other precious metals such as white, rose or yellow gold, and even platinum. For us, we’re more fans of silver rings – we don’t fancy looking like a New York City diamond dealer – but there are certain situations when adding a splash of gold will elevate your style game.

Choosing which finger to wear a ring on can be as arduous a task as deciding where to get a tattoo. Some people will tell you there are a certain set of rules to follow when it comes to ring-wearing: your ring finger should be reserved solely for a wedding ring, for example. And signet rings are traditionally worn on the little finger. Pish to rules though, simply measure up your fingers, try a few on and go for whichever finger feels comfortable.

As with any other section within the fashion industry, there are brands you want to know and those you want to avoid. Fortunately for you, we’ve filtered out the wheat from the chaff to provide a definitive list of the coolest men’s ring brands that will have you flashing your fingers.

Men’s Rings FAQ

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