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11 Best Signet Rings For Noble Knuckles

You'll look sophisticated when you wear a signet ring on your finger...

11 Best Signet Rings For Noble Knuckles

Originating from the Latin word “signum”, which means “sign”, in ancient times, signet rings were only worn by religious leaders and Pharaohs, as it was a mark of power and influence. Signet rings also had an engraved family crest, used as a signature on documents by pressing the crest into hot wax. Although this piece of jewellery no longer holds the same regal significance, signet rings still signify great style.

Usually fashioned on the pinky, signet rings for men are a subtle yet elegant way to really elevate your outfit without doing a whole lot. While other styles of men’s rings can be statement pieces that add a little more decadence to your look, there’s a certain opulence and finesse that only a signet ring can seem to capture that other men’s jewellery designs seem to lack.

Best Signet Rings FAQs

What do signet rings signify?

Historically, signet rings were worn to establish wealth and affluence, as many who fashioned this piece of jewellery usually came from an influential family or dynasty. Today, however, signet rings are no longer considered a powerful family heirloom but rather a staple piece of everyday wear jewellery.

Which finger should signet rings be worn on?

Traditionally, signet rings are worn on the pinky finger. However, you can wear a signet ring on any finger you like; depending on the occasion and style you’re going for.

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