Lebron James Rocks Streetwear Combination Fit For A King

When two worlds collide.

Lebron James Rocks Streetwear Combination Fit For A King

King of the court Lebron James can frequently be found rocking swanky outfits. Just last week he sent hypebeasts into meltdown with his accessories, with the fashion world demanding to know where his hat was from.

This week he’s once again a go-to style guru, showing us all how to rock high-end fashion brands with streetwear, when he attended the LA Lakers vs Denver Nuggets game on the 4th of December. He keeps the majority of the outfit street style, combining dark ripped jeans with a Greg Lauren black hooded sweatshirt.

It might be streetwear style, but Lebron’s hoodie isn’t necessarily streetwear money. We haven’t been able to find the exact piece he’s wearing, but considering Greg Lauren’s other hoodies come in at around US$2,500, we’d expect Lebron’s to be of a similar ilk.

He finishes the street part of his ensemble with a pair of Nike Air Max Tinker Schematic sneakers, which will set you back around US$235, if you can find a pair.

But since this is Lebron, a man who gets paid more per minute than you (likely) do per month, he has to take things up a notch in the style stakes, and so he pairs his streetwear-inspired outfit with a high-end coat from French fashion house Lanvin.

Again, the exact coat he’s wearing remains a mystery, it could well be from an upcoming collection. Other coats on the company’s website start at around US$1,500 but rise to $3,500. We’d imagine Lebron’s is on the more expensive side.

Even some commenters have been quick to point out that Lebron has mixed two styles: “Lebron wearing a hoodie underneath,” which received the reply, “yeah cause it’s Lebron.”

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Finally, clearly wanting to one-up Ben Simmons and the other NBA ballers who are jumping on the ‘lunchbox bling’ bandwagon, Lebron is seen wheeling a Supreme x Rimowa suitcase. The man evidently has numerous personal belongings or just a change of clothes. Anything that comes from Supreme is notoriously hard to get a hold of, but you can try and nab yourself the same suitcase as the Lakers’ power forward for around US$1,500.

Lebron once again proving that fashion rules are made to be broken.

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