The Best Lightweight Golf Bags To Keep The Pressure Off Your Swinging Shoulder

Make your visit to the golf course that much easier with one of the best lightweight golf bags.

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Your golf bag is the perfect companion for every visit to the green and finding one that is lightweight and comfortable is essential for every golfer. The best lightweight golf bags work for you and have the job of keeping your clubs organised, your possessions safe, as well as making the trek between holes one that won’t tire you out. Yep, the best lightweight golf bags take things to the next level of easy-carrying.

Golf brands such as Callaway and TaylorMade have used technologies to make some of the best lightweight golf bags with straps that feel weightless while carrying them, and other brands like MacKenzie and Link Soul have used premium materials for that classic look, but not without the function of a modern golf bag.

Features to look for in a lightweight golf bag

The best lightweight golf bags need to have features that strike a balance between function and comfort. Are you a walker or cart rider? Or do you feel the need to store extra accessories like a rangefinder? The features of a golf bag should answer these questions.

Pockets are an ideal feature to help you stash any accessories such as golf balls, tees, and even your necessities like your phone and water bottle. Another essential feature to look out for, especially when looking for one of the best lightweight golf bags, is the strap. This is because you will eventually lug the bag from hole to hole, so a comfortable, padded strap is a must-have as it’ll keep your shoulders healthy for those later rounds.

Choosing the right type of lightweight golf bag for you

There are many types of golf bags but some are heavier than others and come with unique features such as the cart bag. However, if you’re looking to lighten the load, you can’t look past the carry and stand options of a lightweight golf bag.

The most common type of lightweight golf bag is the carry bag, which is the smallest and lightest option. They are sometimes known as Sunday bags because they are generally used during casual rounds and for those golfers that want to walk the course and not be weighed down.

Another type of lightweight golf bag that you will come across regularly as you shop around, is the stand bag. They come with two retractable legs that cause them to stand, making it easy to access your golf clubs between holes.

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