Revealed: Everything A Top Nutrition Coach Eats In A Day

Essential info (and aminos)...

Revealed: Everything A Top Nutrition Coach Eats In A Day

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Nutrition author and social media nutrition coach Max Lugavere has taken to Instagram to share with his followers what he eats in a day. Lugavere is a 39 year old New York Times science writer, and a best selling author of books like Genius Foods, Genius Life and Genius Kitchen.

Lugavere consistently takes to Instagram with nutrition advice like how to (really) detox (hint: it has nothing to do with detox tea) and how to stop feeling crap all the time.

On Saturday Lugavere posted a video which showed what he eats in a day. He captioned the video: “What I eat in a day! Does anything surprise you? Any questions? Now venture off and eat like MEEE! (Just kidding, there is no one-size-fits-all diet.)⁣⁣⁣”

In the video, Lugavere says he drinks black, half strength coffee, with heavy cream. Then he has some salmon with red cabbage slaw and brussel sprouts. Next up it’s two brazil nuts which he says “support hormone production.”

After that, he shows off a protein shake for some post work out leucine (an essential amino acid that is used in the biosynthesis of proteins).

At the end of the video he shows off a delicious honey crisp apple and some greek yogurt with bee pollen on top. Oh and to cap it all off he says “last night my brother made an overcooked rib eye with white sweet potatoes, cauliflower and a navy bean gumbo dish.”

Not bad indeed.

Lugavere was asked by a follower how many calories he eats a day. He answered: “I have no idea,” hinting at his whole food (as opposed to calorie counting) philosophy.

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Lugavere has previously busted the butter myth you probably still believe and sparking ethical debates America isn’t ready for.

Food for thought.