‘Migos’ Rapper Quavo Reveals What It’s Really Like To Buy A Richard Mille

"You gotta know sh*t before you get in there."

‘Migos’ Rapper Quavo Reveals What It’s Really Like To Buy A Richard Mille

The ultra-exclusive luxury watch brand is frequently name-dropped in hip-hop… And now, one of the world’s biggest rappers has shed a bit of light on what it actually takes to get one’s hands on a Richard Mille.

Quavo, co-founder and frontman of hip-hop trio Migos, recently discussed his watch-buying habits on an episode of Drink Champs, a popular podcast hosted by fellow rapper N.O.R.E.

The 31-year-old – who’s rarely seen without swathes of jewellery and owns many expensive watches from brands like Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe and Rolex – explained during the podcast that while getting Rolexes “direct” was relatively straightforward (must be nice), trying to purchase a Richard Mille at retail “is different” – and much more difficult.

“They act like they ain’t got no watches… You gotta know sh*t before you get in there.”


WATCH Quavo and N.O.R.E. talk about how hard it is to get a Richard Mille below.

Podcast host N.O.R.E., who also owns a Richard Mille (indeed, he’s wearing one in the video above) weighed in, explaining that at the boutique he gets his watch serviced, you have to buy three women’s Richard Milles before you get “put on the list” for a men’s watch.

“What if I ain’t got a lady?”


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Watch fans have known for years that this sort of asinine hoop-jumping ‘hyped’ brands like Richard Mille make customers go through before they can buy one of their watches is, unfortunately, rather common. It’s just unusual to hear it actually being discussed like this out in the open.

Ah well. Rich people problems.

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