The ‘Grevious’ Economy Sin You Are Probably Committing…Without Even Knowing It

"I despise it when people recline."

Image Credit: USA Today

Economy sucks. The last thing you need is naughty neighbours or inconsiderate seatmates (you know: the type that get up a million times to do in flight yoga and kick their shoes off the second the plane reaches cruising altitude). But as good of a passenger you might think you are, there’s apparently a grevious economy sin you are probably committing, without even realising it’s annoying.

This sin – though it adds to your comfort – is notorious for making life hell for the person behind you. Confused? Allow the following video, by TikTok user, to explain how it all works.

Watch TikTok user talk about her reclining battle, and then (in a following video), @erynbroughtabook break down who, exactly, owns the space between seats

TikTok user had a bit of viral success with her story, which details how she wanted to recline, but was asked by the person behind her not to, so that they could use their latop. It was a 6-hour flight.

The story sparked debate in the comments section, with some saying it’s time to get rid of the recline button for good, and others saying (basically), “you’ll take my legroom but you’ll never take my freedom.”

TikTok user @lifeoutdooriseasy wrote: “Frequent flyer here… I never recline my seat out of respect for those behind me. The recline doesn’t make much difference for you anyways.”

Another TikTok user, @CC, who claims to be a flight attendant, wrote: “As a flight attendant, this is so petty. They have the right to recline. You can recline too. You want everyone to accommodate you?”

Another said: “I despise it when people recline.”

Image Credit: iHeart

The anti recline rhetoric continued with comments like: “Sorry it really bugs me when people recline their seats..have a bit of consideration for the person behind or else pre book the last row!” and “It infuriates me when person reclines in front of me. Airlines have made the space between seats so ridiculous that I feel claustrophobic! I never do!” rolling in.

“They shouldn’t allow the seat to recline. It makes barely a difference to the person in chair and completely invades the space of the person behind.”

TikTok user @FrownyDog

Not everyone thought you shouldn’t use the function though. One wrote: “You should be able to recline, It’s part of the seat. My opinion is that the seats shouldn’t have a recline function at all in economy.”

Another said: “Once had a tall bloke demand I didn’t decline on an overnight flight to St Lucia. No chance. Pay for extra legroom or don’t go.”

The best-balanced view? We reckon it’s the following comment: “I’d say plane etiquette is only reclining your seat during sleep time. I once had someone who kept reclining when I was trying to eat my breakfast…”

If only people could just follow the etiquette rules. This is why we can’t have nice things.

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