Weird Mid Air ‘Yoga Class’ Stuns Economy Passengers

"Every one was in shock."

Weird Mid Air ‘Yoga Class’ Stuns Economy Passengers

Image Credit: @passengershaming / @influencersinthewild

Two women flexing their tandem yoga skills on a flight (allegedly) from LAX to Honolulu have gone viral, with aggrievied Instagram users writing such remarks as “an ideal moment for turbulence” and “can we bring public shaming back.”

A video of the pair was posted on the popular Passenger Shaming and Influencers In The Wild Instagram accounts, quickly racking up views and comments.

At the time of writing, the video has received 95.1k likes and 4,454 comments (in two days).

The video shows a woman lying on her back, legs raised to support another woman, who is balanced precariously in a superman pose. They are both wearing the same coloured leggings, and both barefoot.

Watch ‘acrobatic yoga on a flight’ in the video below.

A passenger behind them can be seen reaching across the aisle to tap the person across from them, to alert them to what’s going on.

Much to many people’s amazement, a flight attendant looks to be filming, rather than preventing the duo from enjoying their in-flight acrobatics.

Top comments on the video include: “What an ideal moment for turbulence” (2,166 likes), “this holiday travel season… don’t do this please I beg of thee” (1,116 likes) and “being on the plane barefoot is arguably worse than what’s going on in this tik tok” (1,468 likes).

“Excuse me, have to use the lavatory…’Sir, please remain in your seat until these two finish seeking sufficient attention to get them through the remainder of their flight.'”

Another Instagram user wrote: “So you’re telling me I can’t incline my seat all of half a degree during takeoff or landing, but that flight attendant it going to film this sh*t for them? 👀😂.”

“You can’t wait in a line up there to go to the bathroom but you can do this 😂.” Commenters share their thoughts about mid-flight yoga… Image: Screenshot of @passengershaming’s video by DMARGE.

More popular comments included: “this is why i don’t fly spirit” and “where’t [sic] the air marshall when you need them.”

Another huge question people had was about the flight attendant (“Did they… have the flight attendant film them??? I just…. I don’t…. Ugh”).

Instagram user @shannon_real_ claimed to have taken the video, writing: “omg I almost died when I saw a passenger flying in the cabin, so I had to take the video” and said the pair didn’t get in trouble.

Passenger shaming seemed to confirm this by responding to @shannon_real_: “you the real MVP.”

When @shannon_real_ was asked to elaborate by other Instagram users, she said the video was filmed on a flight from LAX to Honolulu and that “pretty much they started doing this then asked the flight attendant to video. It was probably a good 7 minutes. They did it maybe 3/4 times and would hug after each one.”

When asked if they were heckled, clapped or encouraged she wrote: “haha no. No one encouraged it I think every one was in shock.”

Finally, another Instagram user, who claimed to be a 20+ year Crew member, said “this cabin crew needs to be punished” and that “this action is selfish and inappropriate” and “a safety hazard.”

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