Shawn Mendes’s Suit Is An Easy Way To Dress Down

The art of shirt unbuttoning.

Well he’s done it again. The male pop star of the moment Shawn Mendes stepped out at the Brit Awards 2019 this week in one of the coolest pared down suits you’ll ever seen.

Some may argue its simplicity but it all comes down the the relaxed details helped by the Paul Smith designed grey number. Mendes’ minimalist look comprised of a beautifully fitted chalk grey suit worn over a black dress shirt – three buttons down for that effortless look.

Minor details that add a bit of spice to the outfit includes a solid bracelet, necklace and a very subtle earring. In the shoe department it was all about the polished black boots.

This wouldn’t be the first time Mendes has opted for this look on the red carpet. If you follow his exploits you’ll find that he also pulled off a similar look for past events.

All eyes on Mendes in his Paul Smith tailored suit. Pay attention to where the sleeves and trouser cuffs end. The suit is also cut close to his body to help Mendes appear taller in photos.

A close up of the details shows minimal accessories and even the absence of a pocket square.

As we mentioned before, this isn’t the first time Mendes has pulled this look. He rocked the navy tuxedo and black shirt combo at the Billboard Music Awards.

He’s even done the grey windowpane and black shirt combo complete with polished burgundy boots. So there you have it. If you ever need to go casual whilst looking damn stylish, this is how to do it.

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