Jeff Goldblum’s Met Gala Outfit Proves He’s The Most Stylish Pensioner Alive

Watch and learn.

Jeff Goldblum’s Met Gala Outfit Proves He’s The Most Stylish Pensioner Alive

Image: NYT

The Met Gala 2024 is well underway and Jeff Goldblum has graced us with his presence. To anyone over the age of 40 with a formal occasion coming up, watch and learn.

The biggest night in fashion has begun and this year the dress code is “The Garden Of Time”. While it may seem a cryptic theme to some, others have embraced its open-ended nature and no man to grace the red carpet (so far…) has done it better than the man himself: Jeff Goldblum.

A style icon that has long given hope to this similarly lanky, bespectacled writer that a man of stretched proportions can still turn up, Goldblum has not failed to disappoint this year with an outfit that embodies all the classic colours and cuts of formal menswear but deviates rim them with just enough flair to make the outfit very nice to look at.

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Image: Getty

Goldblum’s smart black overcoat, straight-leg trousers — which accentuate the silhouette of his oh-so-long legs just perfectly — and high-shine, square-toed shoes which add a punky edge to this tailoring masterclass. The Goldblum twist comes in the form of an opera-ready white scarf, a dazzling collection of brooches and green-tinted round sunglasses glasses that land somewhere between John Lennon, Willy Wonka, and Dr Eggman.

The white gloves, which many men would run a mile from given the ever-present danger of wandering into birthday magician territory, complete this truly top-to-toe look.

On the wrist, the Jurassic Park star went for a classic men’s dress watch from none other than French luxury watchmaker Cartier. Sitting neatly outside of Goldblum’s sleeve, the Tiffany-shaped Baignoire is one of the French brand’s distinctive pieces, which says a lot for a brand famed for unique and unconventional dials.

The watch combines the enduring excellence of Cartier craftsmanship with the iconic design influence of the renowned American luxury brand, Tiffany & Co., features a sleek and minimalist oval-shaped dial and is a classy finish to the American actor’s ensemble.

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While other fellas at the event will likely outdo Goldblum on the level of out-there zaniness — Jeremy Strong, Bad Bunny, and Taika Waititi, we’re looking at you — we have a strong suspicion that nobody will come close to GIldblum’s ability to take a classic red carpet look, drape it over his one-of-a-kind frame, and then add a classy but eye-catching spin that keeps him at the forefront of men’s fashion.

Whether you’re of similarly advanced years as Goldblum or a young buck looking to make an impression, you could do much, much worse than ripping off this fit.