Industry Insider Gives You A Sneak Peek Into The World Of 'Superyacht Gyms'

$150 million well spent...

Superyachts are effectively floating mansions, and host amenities to rival any terrestrial palace. Bars, jacuzzis, helicopter pads, chef’s kitchens, dancefloors… If you’re rich enough to live months at a time in one of these sumptuous schooners, you don’t want to skimp on any features. No expense should be spared. And one feature that any well-to-do superyacht owner shouldn’t be without is one’s own private gym on the high seas.

Interest in personal gyms has peaked in 2020, with The Bat Kiss keeping most of us locked down at home and commercial gyms closed. Demand for exercise equipment has skyrocketed during These Unprecedented Times, and the market is chock-full of all sorts of machines and devices designed to replicate the experience of your local gym.

But a superyacht’s gym is a cut above your average 24-hour spot. Gym Marine, an Instagram account dedicated to exploring the most luxurious gyms out there – with a particular focus on those found on superyachts – shows how the 1% work out, when they’re not swilling Dom Perignon or cruising past the Cinque Terre.


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A common feature of these floating gyms is super-premium exercise machines, often made out of light materials like wood or aluminium in order to save weight (as well as for their aesthetic quality). There are not many big weightlifting sets or medicine balls to be seen either – you wouldn’t want big, heavy things rolling around your boat in rough waters.

One advantage of a private sea-going gym is the views… Imagine working up a sweat while the azure ocean laps at your window. Sure beats staring at a TV screen playing MTV or some punter who bought a gym membership as part of an ill-considered New Year’s Eve resolution.


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The superyacht pictured above, the 73m Dutch-built M/Y Hasna, is currently on sale for a cool 92.5 million euros (or about 150 million Aussie dollars if you’re curious). It’s also available for charter in the Bahamas, if that sort of change is out of your price range.

If you want to be able to afford a boat with gyms as nice as these, you might need to make some smart money moves. Check out our top Australian share picks here, or start a little smaller with our end of financial year tax return hacks here.

Good luck, Captain.

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