The Rock’s Technique For Increasing Gains Is ‘Sweat Equity’

'Sweat equity.'

The Rock’s Technique For Increasing Gains Is ‘Sweat Equity’

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No matter how much of his tequila you drink and no matter how many of his cheat day meals you smash, you can’t click your fingers and look like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

A physique like that takes serious time, dedication and genetics. ‘The Rock’ has also admitted to taking steroids briefly in his teens when he had no idea what he was doing.

Those days are now over though and the ex-professional wrestler and current action movie star is now a paragon of health and wisdom.

On that note, he recently took to Instagram with some fitness advice that could set you on an upward trajectory – potentially even increasing your gains significantly (so long as you don’t go too far the other way and overtrain).

On Sunday The Rock shared the following video with his 249 million Instagram followers.

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“We all need that re-calibrating and re-setting after a busy ass week,” The Rock said. “So it’s fine if you don’t… but if you can find the time to do just a little bit extra [on a Sunday] it can give you an edge.”

“It sharpens those tools that set you up for success… it’s doing that little bit extra … when most aren’t.”

He captioned the video as follows, sharing more insights into how to build this kind of balanced psyche: “If you can carve out just a little time on Sunday to put some work in.”

“Nothing crazy, just a lil’ sweat equity.”

“It’ll sharpen your tools and give you the mental edge for success the rest of the week.”

“Be willing to put in the work today, that they won’t. So you can accomplish tomorrow, what they can’t.”

“Set your Sunday edge and then go wreck your cheat meals.”

His remarks resonated with commenters: “Exactly what I needed after this busy Sunday,” one wrote. “3am. Still gotta set my edge! Thanks for sharing.”

Michael Phelps wrote: “For sure!!! Gotta get something in everyday!”

“Turning struggle into strength,” another Instagram user wrote.

Other comments we reckon are worth plucking from obscurity are:

“Wishing, like excuses, are useless. We can’t get upset by the results we didn’t get from the work we didn’t do. Don’t wish, work. Results will follow.”

“So true. I do love my Sunday rest… But try and get that little bit extra in when I can, to stay ahead of the game.”

Looking through his Instagram account, it seems The Rock has made it a habit to provide his followers with weekend inspiration…

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… as well as putting his money where his mouth is.

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This attitude of going the extra mile, of going where others are afraid to go, and relishing it – but still being balanced – is also promoted by the likes of former navy SEAL David Goggins.

Podcast host, fitness freak and UFC commentator Joe Rogan also has some good advice to those looking to give themselves an edge and to increase their gains (or whatever fitness metric they are pursuing) on the weekend and that is to treat your workouts a little more like work.

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Pencil them into your diary at the beginning of the week, he says, as if they were meetings, and show them the same degree of respect.

Epic gains will (hopefully) follow.

Watch The Rock’s most epic workouts below.

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