Farm Boy Constructs Incredible 'Free Range' Gym Almost Entirely Out Of Wood

The coolest home gym in the world?

Tiktok has made it possible to become famous for anything.

Taking that maxim and shooting a three with it, Panola Country native Will Hartzell, who has been dubbed “LeBarn James,” appears to be building an empire out of Tiktok videos showing off his “farmtastic” basketball contraptions.

As Huffpost reported in March, “Will Hartzell has harvested TikTok fame from his down-home hoops videos.”


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He hasn’t stopped there though. Now Hartzell is putting the home gyms (and, for that matter, the real gyms) of the world to shame, constructing everything from his own leg press machine to a bench press out of wood and cinder blocks.

The ultimate home gym? You be the judge…

As various commenters have pointed out: if farming doesn’t work out he can always become an engineer.

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